Textual Grammar from “The Proposal” by Anton Chekhov. Class XII, WBCHSE, West Bengal.

Textual Grammar from “The Proposal” Important for HS Final Exam and all types of Competitive Exams. Prepare now.

The Proposal Grammar

Change the voice of the following sentences:

Question: How do you make that out?

Ans: How is that made out by you?

Question: Last year we lent you our threshing-machine.

Ans: Last year our threshing-machine was lent to you.

Question: I inherited my land.

Ans: My land was inherited by me.

Question: You must excuse my apron and negligee.

Ans: My apron and negligee must be excused by you.

Question: We’re shelling peas for drying.

Ans: Peas are being shelled by us for drying.

Question: I’ll make a present of them.

Ans: A present of them will be made by me.

Question: Say it again.

Ans: Let it be said again (by you).

Question: What are you talking about?

Ans: What is being talked about by you?

Question: Who owns Green Meadows?

Ans: By whom are Green Meadows owned?

Question: What did you say?

Ans: What was said by you?

Question: What are you shouting at?

Ans: What is being shouted at why you?

Question: I must ask your pardon.

Ans: Your pardon must be asked by me.

Question: Hang your Squeezer!

Ans: Let your Squeezer be hanged (by you)!

Question: I ought to lead a quiet and regular life.

Ans: A quiet and regular life ought to be read by me.

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Question: What have you done to me?

Ans: What has been done to you by me?

Question: I give my blessing and so on.

Ans: My blessing and so on is given by me.

Question: Bring him back!

Ans: Let him be brought back (by you)!

Question: Take it to court!

Ans: Let it be taken to court!

Question: What am I waiting for?

Ans: What is being waited for by me?

Question: I’ll show you the documents.

Ans: You will be shown the documents by me.

Question: I never knew that before.

Ans: That was never known to me before.

Question: I shall drink some water.

Ans: Some water will be drunk by me.

Question: I didn’t hear it all.

Ans: All of it was not heard by me.

Question: I’ve always loved you.

Ans: You have always been loved by me.

Question: You forget just this.

Ans: Just this is forgotten by you.

Question: I’ll cut my throat.

Ans: My throat will be cut by me.

Question: I can feel it in my shoulder and head.

Ans: It can be felt by me in my shoulder and head.

Question: You won’t prove it, my darling.

Ans: It won’t be proved by you, my darling.

Question: I’m speaking of those Oxen Meadows.

Ans: Those Oxen Meadows are being spoken of by me.

Question: I shan’t give them up.

Ans: They won’t be given up by me.

Question: Let that pass.

Ans: Let that be passed.

Question: Give me a knife.

Ans: Let me be given a knife.

Question: I remember everything!

Ans: Everything is remembered by me!

Question: Give me a pistol!

Ans: Let a pistol be given to me!

Question: I shan’t give him any.

Ans: He will not be given any by me.

Question: I’ll prove it.

Ans: It will be proved by me.

Question: I cannot continue this discussion.

Ans: This discussion cannot be continued by me.

Question: I did it on principle.

Ans: It was done on principle by me.

Question: Have you measured?

Ans: Has it been measured by you?

Question: First, he takes our land.

Ans: First, our land is taken by him.

Question: I gave Mironov 125 roubles for him.

Ans: Mironov was given 125 roubles for him.

Question: Let’s change the subject in case I lose my temper.

Ans: Let the subject be changed by us in case temper is lost by me.

Question: Drink some water!

Ans: Let some water be drunk (by you).

Question: Spit it out.

Ans: Let it be spat out.

Question: Why didn’t you tell me so before?

Ans: Why was I not told so before by you?

Question: I don’t like people who don’t say what they mean.

Ans: People who don’t say what is meant by them are not liked by me.

Question: The Count’s whipper-in hit him with his whip.

Ans: He was hit by the Count’s whipper-in with his whip.

Narration Change:

Direct Speech: “How long have they been yours?” said Natalya.

Indirect Speech: Natalya asked how long they had been theirs.

Direct Speech: “I’ve been hoping for it for a long time,” said Lomov.

Indirect Speech: Lomov said that he had been hoping for it for a long time.

Transformation of sentences:

Question: You can shout yourself hoarse in your own house, but here I must ask you to restrain yourself. (Turn into a complex sentence)

Ans: Though you can shout yourself hoarse in your own house, I must ask you to restrain yourself here.

Question: You alone can help me, though I don’t deserve it.(Turn into a compound sentence)

Ans: I don’t deserve it but you get a alone can help me.

Question: Shut up or I’ll shoot you like a partridge. (Turn into a complex sentence)

Ans: If you don’t shut up, I’ll shoot you like a partridge.

Question: You no sooner notice that some dog is better than your Guess then you begin with this… (Turn into positive degree)

Ans: As soon as you notice that Guess is not so good as some dog, you begin with this.

Question: Squeezer is heaps better than Guess. (Turn into positive degree)

Ans: Guess is not so good as Squeezer.

Question: What a surprise! (Turn into assertive sentence)

Ans: It is really a great surprise.

Question: I’ve come only to see you. (Turn into a negative sentence)

Ans: I’ve come for nothing but to see you.

Question: I cannot believe my own ears. (Turn into affirmative sentence)

Ans: I can hardly believe my own ears.

Question: You shouldn’t forget all about your neighbours. (Turn into affirmative sentence)

Ans: You should remember all about your neighbours.

Question: I shall try to be brief. (Turn into negative sentence)

Ans: I shall try not to speak in detail.

Question: You alone can help me. (Turn into negative sentence)

Ans: None but you can help me.

Question: And I’ve always loved you. (Turn into negative sentence)

Ans: And I have never hated you.

Question: I assure you that his lower jaw is shorter than the upper. (Turn into positive degree)

Ans: I assure you that his upper jaw is not so short as the lower.

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The Proposal : Important Notes.

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