Sarba Siksha Abhijan Important Paragraph Writing for Madhyamik and HS Students (West Bengal)

Sarba Siksha Abhijan :

Sarba Siksha Abhijan is a new and innovative scheme. This scheme intends to bring each and every child of this country under the purview of compulsory education in school. This is a jointly project organised by the Government of India and the State Governments. So the programme has undertaken a lot of novel measures for the development of educational system. The scheme provides a quality education to all the children in the age group of 6 to 14 years.

The aim of the programme is to mobilise human, financial and instrumental resources which are important to gain the Universalisarion of Elementary Education. The programmes undertaken by Sarba Siksha Abhijan are : a) to cover all districts in the country during 2002, b) to bring all the children in school, c) to complete 5 years education within 2007, d) to complete 8 years of quality elementary education. This scheme has made new class rooms in schools.

More teachers have been recruited. Schools get special grant for books. This programme has revised the syllabus and examination system. This innovative scheme has introduced Mid-day Meals, free meals  in schools. The Mid-day meal project in schools has created a great enthusiasm among the poor students. So they continue their studies and the number of drop-outs has decreased. The number of students coming to school is gradually increasing. After all, “Sarba Siksha Abhijan” – Education for all – is very effective.

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