Report Writing on Cyclone in Coastal West Bengal. Write a Report on Cyclone in Coastal West Bengal.

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Write a newspaper report using the following points.

Incident : Severe cyclone (80 km/hr)

Date : 11 June, 2013

Time : 6.45 p.m.

Place : Coastal areas in West Bengal

Cause : Depression in the Bay of Bengal.

Result : 60 people died, many homeless, train services disrupted.

Relief : State government provided  immediate relief.


Cyclone hits coastal West Bengal

By a Staff Reporter

Kolkata, June 12, 2013: A severe cyclone lashed with a speed of 80 km per hour. This devastating cyclone hit the coastal areas of West Bengal yesterday evening at about 5.00 pm. It was caused by a deep depression in the Bay of Bengal. This powerful cyclone ripped through the state of West Bengal. It resulted in huge damage to life and property. West Bengal faced a great loss. About 60 people died and lots of people had been rendered homeless. Many cattles also died and got injured severely.

Train services were disrupted leaving a number of people stranded. Relief teams were ready in advance. So, they immediately started rescue operation. Electricity was greatly damaged and disrupted. People suffered from lack of drinking water. The state government has taken immediate steps to provide relief to the victims. More than 5,000 people had been evacuated to safe temporary relief camps. The
Chief Minister has reviewed the situation and assured all kinds of help to the victims. Government had also declared financial support to the victims.

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