Rabindranath Tagore : The Great Artistic Talent

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Rabindranath Tagore, the greatest versatile character in the history of literature, was born on 7th May 1861 in Kolkata. He was the first Nobel Laureate of India.

Every year we celebrate or observe Rabindra Jayanti on his birthday to pay our respect to this great personality. He is also called the “Bard of Bengal”.

He is the writer of India’s national anthem. We also know him as Gurudev, Kabiguru, and Viswakabi. He is not only the Poet of India, but also one of the greatest poets of the world.

His father was Maharshi Devendranath Tagore. His mother’s name was Sharada Debi. Tagore was the youngest of thirteen surviving children. His nickname was Rabi. He was born in the Jorasanko in Calcutta. His mother had died in his early childhood and his father travelled much; so he was reared up by the servants in his house.

Rabindranath Tagore first started his education in Oriental Seminary School. After that, he also took admission at normal school. He disliked this formal school education and so he left this school. So he took his education at home on the various subjects. Then at the age of seventeen, he went to Britain for studying in English literature. Only at the age of seven years he started writing poems.

This wonder-boy wrote many poems, stories, essays, novels. Some of his noted poems are Sonar Tori, Balaka, Purobi, Chitra, Gitanjali. His famous dramas are Dakhghar, Raktakarabi. Some of his important novels are Gora, Choker Bali, Ghare Baire. He composed a lot of songs, and he also composed our National Anthem. Tagore was a great lover of mankind. He won the Nobel Prize for poetic creations.

Their family was directly involved in the movement of Bengal Renaissance. Many professional Dhrupad musicians stayed in their house and taught the children Indian classical music. One of his brothers, Jyotirindranath was a good musician. Kadambari Devi was the wife of Jyotirindranath. She was somewhat older than Tagore. She was also a dear friend of Tagore and she had much influence in the life of Rabindranath Tagore.

He won the Nobel Prize for his tremendous creation “Geetanjali”  But he refused the title of honour awarded by the British to raise his voice against the mass-killing at Jaliwanala bagh. He set up “Viswabharati’ in Shantiniketan at Bolepur.

This world-famous man breathed his last on August 7, 1941.


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