PSC Clerkship Mains 2021- Important Model Questions from English Grammar.

PSC Clerkship Mains 2021: Very Important Model Questions for your Exam. Prepare these questions and do an excellent result.

Appropriate Prepositions:

Access to:(প্রবেশ করার অধিকার – right to enter) – She has an easy access to my life.

Acquaintance with (পরিচয় – identification) -I was glad to
make acquaintance with him.

Affection for (স্নেহ : feelings of love)– Everymother has
affection for her child.

Ambition for (উচ্চাকাঙ্ক্ষা-highlyy ambitious)-Mr. Ratul had
an ambition for fame.

Appetite for (ক্ষুধা-hunger) – The child has no appetite for food now.

Authority on (শ্রেষ্ঠ পণ্ডিত – great intelligent) – Gibbon was an
authority on history.

Authority over (কর্তৃত্ব বা আধিপত্য -dominance)-The father lost
authority over is son.

Authority for (প্রমাণ -prove) -The police did not find any
authority for murder.

Aversion to (বিতৃষ্ণা-indifference)-He has an aversion to learning.

Antipathy to (বিতৃষ্ণা- uninterest)-I wondered at his antipathy to social life.

Apology for (প্রবণতা – tendency) She has no apology for music.

Apology for (ক্ষমা প্রার্থনা-beg pardon) – He begged apology for his impudence.

Absence from (অনুপস্থিত-absent) -His absence from the
meeting alarmed us.

Addiction to (আসক্তি – interested in unsocial activity) -The boy has an addiction to wine.

Antidote to, against, or for (প্রতিষেধক – life saving) -Quinine is an antidote to, for, or against malaria.

Attention to (মনোযোগ -attention) -Pay attention to what I say.

Bar to (প্রতিবন্ধকতা – Obstracle)-Poverty is a great bar to the progress of society.

Voice Change:

Active: I like the late spring.

Passive: The late spring was liked by him.

Active: No training can teach these things.

Passive: These things can be taught by no training.

Active: I saw him going up the hill.

Passive: He was seen going up the hill by me.

Active: I see her every winter.

Passive: She is seen by me every winter.

Active: She called it laurel.

Passive: It was callcd laurcl by her.

Active: You were misguided.

Passive: Someone misguided you.

Active: His pen has been stolen.

Passive: Someone has stolen his pen.

Active: He made me do the work.

Passive: I was made by him to do the work.

Active: I was annoyed at him.

Passive: He annoyed me.

Active: Fire burnt the ship.

Passive: The ship was burnt.

Active: A storm has uprooted the tree.

Passive: The tree has been uprooted.

Active: Read the book.

Passive: Let the book be read.

Active: The thief was caught.

Passive: The police caught the thief.

Active: My book is read by many.

Passive: Many people read my book.

Active: Tell me the tale.

Passive: Let the tale be told me.

Active: I placed the proposal to him.

Passive: The proposal was placed to him by me.

Active: All respect Seraj for his uprightness.

Passive: Seraj is respected for his uprightness by all.

Active: Munni was singing a modern song.

Passive: A modern song was sung by Munni.

Narration Change:

Direct Speech: The Commander said, “Let the gates be left open.”

Indirect Speech: The Comnander ordered for the gates to be left open. or,

The Conmander suggested that the gates should be left open.

Direct Speech: I said to my mother, “Please wam this milk. Don’t boil it.”

Indirect Speech: I requested my mother to warm that milk and asked her not boil it.

Direct Speech: The teacher said to me,”Leave the room at once.”

Indirect Speech: The teacher ordered me to leave the room at once.

Direct Speech: I said to my fiend, “Can l borrow your dictionary for one day only?”

Indirect Speech: I asked my friend if I could borrow his dictionary for one day only.

Direct Speech: He said to me, “Would you like to have lunch with me today?

Indirect Speech: He asked me if I would like to have lunch with him that day.

Direct Speech: “Sam, Will you help me carry my bags?” asked the old woman.

Indirect Speech: The old woman asked Sam whether he would help her carry her bags.

Direct Speech: The teacher said to me, “I hope you will bring credit to my school.”

Indirect Speech: The teacher hoped that I would bring credit to his school.

Direct Speech: “What an cxcellent piece of art!”she said.

Indirect Speech: She exclaimed with appreciation that it was an excellent piece of art.

Direct Speech: “They are late.” she has already told us.
Indirect Speech: She has already told us that they are late.

Direct Speech: The Teacher said, “Don’t come to school on Monday because it is a holiday.”

Indirect Speech: The teacher told us not to come to school on Monday because it is a holiday.

Direct Speech: The teacher said to his student, “Do you have any excuse for coming late to school today?”

Indirect Speech: The teacher asked his student whether he had any excuse for coming late to the school that day.

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