ICDS Supervisors Recruitment (MAINS) – Model Questions on English Grammar. আই. সি. ডি. এস. সুপারভাইজার রিক্রুটমেন্ট – নমুনা প্রশ্ন (ইংরেজি গ্রামার) উত্তর সহ।

ICDS Supervisors Recruitment (MAINS) – Model Questions on English Grammar. আই. সি. ডি. এস. সুপারভাইজার রিক্রুটমেন্ট ICDS Supervisors Recruitment – নমুনা প্রশ্ন, উত্তর সহ।

Voice Change:

Question : We played cricket.

Ans: Cricket was played by us.

Question: Football was being played by them.

Ans: They were playing football.

Question: Hindi is spoken in Uttar Pradesh.

Ans: People of Uttar Pradesh speak Hindi.

Question: Do not make a noise.

Ans: You are requested not to make a noise. or,

Let not a noise be made (by you).

Question: Keep your word.
Ans: Your word should be kept.

Question: He gave me a pen.

Ans. A pen was given to me by him./I was given a pen by him. (The sentence in question has two objects, so 2 answers.)

Question: Let him try the question.

Ans: Let the question be tried by him.

Question: He dreamt a dream last night.

Ans: A dream was dreamt last night by him.

Questoin: Do the work now.

Ans: Let the work be done now (by you).

Question: Who did the work?

Ans. By whom was the work done? (Interrogative)

Question: When did you bring the radio?

Ans: When was the radio brought by you?

Question: We proposed to hold a meeting.

Ans. It was proposed to hold a meeting by us. (An introductory it’ is required here.)

Question: My purse has been stolen.

Ans. Some one has stolen my purse.

Question: He killed himself.

Ans: He was killed by himself. (No object here.)

Question: He killed a dog.

Ans: A dog was killed by him. (Dog is object)

Question: Let the work be completed by them.

Ans: Let them complete the work.

Question: I have worked out the solution to the problem.

Ans: The solution to the problem has been worked out by me..

Question: Tell them to come inside the room.

Ans: Let them be told to come inside the room.

Question: How did you beat all the persons?

Ans: How were all the persons beaten by you?

Question: We expect him soon.

Ans: He is expected soon.

Question: I will buy a laptop.

Ans: A laptop will be bought by me.

Question: He was obliged to go. (Passive Voice)

Ans: Circumstances obliged him to go. (Active Voice)

Question: We should maintain discipline.

Ans: Discipline should be maintained.

Question: Don’t shout.

Ans: You are ordered not to shout.

Question: I saw him enter the room.

Ans: He was seen enter the room.

Question: Honey tastes sweet. (Quasi-Passive Voice)

Ans: Honey is sweet when it is tasted.

Question: Rice sells cheap.(Quasi-Passive Voice)

Ans: Rice is sold cheap.

Question: The book reads funny. (Quasi-Passive Voice)

Ans: The book is funny when it is read.

Question: The employee was dismissed. (Passive Voice)

Ans: The employer dismissed the employee. (Active Voice)

Question: Do you like this mango?

Ans: Is this mango liked by you?

Question: The police is looking for the criminal.

Ans: The criminal is being looked for by the police.

Question: When did you bring that pen?

Ans: When was that pen brought by you?

Transformation of Sentences:

Question>He is poor. But he is honest. (Join into a single sentence using ‘though’)

Ans: Though he is poor, he is honest.

Question: The PM is the ex-officio chairman of the planning commission. (Rewrite using the meaning of ex-officio)

Ans: By virtue of his office, the PM is the chairman of the planning commission.

Question: The judge delivered ex-parte decision. (Explain the meaning)

Ans: In the absence of a party the judge decided in favour of another.

Question: We met a boy who had lost his parents. (Use a single word for some words)

Ans: We met an orphan boy.

Question: You must not be late, or you will be punished. (Start with ‘in’)

Ans: In the event of your being late, you will be punished.

Question: We must save to invest. (Rewrite the sentence using nouns of ‘save’ and ‘invest’)

Ans: Saving must be done by us for investment.

Question: The boy completed his lessons and went to play. (Start with having or, join into a simple sentence)

Ans: Having completed his lessons the boy went to play.

Question: You succeeded although your success was not expected. (Turn this complex sentence into a simple one)

Ans: You succeeded unexpectedly.

Question: The Guru said to his disciple, May God save you. (Rewrite in indirect speech)

Ans: The Guru prayed that God might save his disciple.

Question: I know about the man. (Use noun form of ‘know’)

Ans: I have knowledge about the man.

Question: Cows are animals that feed on grass. (Use a single word for a group of words where possible)

Ans: Cows are herbivorous animals.

Question: His master put the screw on him to go there. (Rewrite using the meaning of “put the screw”)

Ans. His master brought pressure on him to go there.

Question: Creation of job opportunities for Indians is a hard nut to crack. (Substitute meaning of underlined words and start with ‘to’)

Ans. To create job opportunities for Indians is a difficult problem to solve.


Everyone should do their best for the country.

Ans: Everyone should do his or her best for the country.

The standard of his life is very low.

Ans: The standard of his living is very low.

Scarcely had we reached home than it began to rain.

Ans: Scarcely had we reached home when it began to rain.

He travelled with a speed of 60 km per hour.

Ans: He travelled at a speed of 60 km per hour.

They succeeded to win the prizes.

Ans: They succeeded in winning the prizes.

The sun had hardly risen when I got up.

Ans: Hardly had the sun risen than I got up.

Mr. Banerjee was noble and honest man.

Ans: Mr. Banerjee was a noble and honest man.

We have not seen you long since.

Ans. We have not seen you since long/for a long time.

Mr. Sen seldom or ever makes a mistake.

Ans. Mr. Sen seldom or never makes a mistake.

Being a cold day, we did not go out.

Ans: It being a cold day, we did not go out.

Students must listen what the teacher says.

Ans. Students must listen to what the teacher says.

That book is more preferable than this.

Ans: That book is preferable to this.

This is the same book which I lost last year.

Ans. This is the same book that I lost last year.

Neither of them have been selected for the post.

Ans. Neither of them has been selected for the post.

Everyone of the students are worthless.

Ans: Everyone of the students is worthless.

She stayed indoors after she wrote the lelter.

Ans: She stayed indoors after she had written the letter.

Nothing prevented me going there.

Ans: Nothing prevented me from going there.

The boy expected to have passed the exam.

Ans: The boy expected to pass the exam.

The girl committed suicide twice before she died.

Ans: The girl attempted suicide twice before she died.

He said that he will never repeat the mistake.

Ans: He said that he would never repeat the mistake.

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