Processing of Guava Jelly || Preparation of Guava Jelly || Class X Important Process Writing.

Processing of Guava Jelly. Preparation of Guava Jelly. Guava Jelly Preparation. Very Important for Madhyamik (Class 10) Students of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. Prepare this writing for your final examination (Madhyamik Pariksha). Also important for Class IX students.

Study the flow-chart below to write how ‘guava jelly” is processed:

[Chart – Guavas are harvested and delivered-sorted and cleaned – boiled, crushed and passed through a sieve – crushed guava is mixed with lime and filled in sterilized bottles – sealed and labeled-put into boxes and sent to shops.]



First, guavas are harvested from the orchard and delivered to the factory for the preparation of guava jelly. There, fresh guavas are sorted out and the rotten ones removed. Then they are cleaned well in water and boiled. Now the boiled guavas are crushed (পেশাই করা হয়) and passed through a sieve (চালুনি). The crushed guava is mixed with lime and boiled for a long period of time. The boiled mixture is again mixed with lime and preservatives. It is now ready for consumption (খাওয়া). Then it is filled in sterilized bottles. Afterwards, sealing and labelling are done. At last, the sealed and labelled bottles are delivered to shops for sale.

The End

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