Preparation of Orange Juice – A Process Writing, very important for your final exam. Don’t Miss it.

Preparation of Orange Juice

Orange juice is really a very nutritious and refreshing healthy drink. It is very easy to make orange juice at home. We can prepare orange juice through a number of steps. First, ripe oranges are bought from the market. Then the rotten ones are sorted and removed. After that, the good oranges are washed and cleaned properly. Then, the good oranges are put in a juicer after peeling. After that, these are crushed in order to extract juice. Then, the seeds are strained with a piece of cloth. Next, sugar and syrup are mixed with the juice. After that, the juice is poured in sterilized bottles. Next, the bottles are sealed and labelled. Then, the bottles are put into boxes. Now, fresh orange juice is ready. Finally, The boxes are despatched to the market for sale.

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