Our National Flag – A Paragraph Writing

Our National Flag. Are you looking for beautiful English writing? Then you are on the right page. On this page, we have prepared for you a quality paragraph on “our National Flag” for you. This paragraph writing will help you a lot in your exam preparation.

Our National Flag

Every independent country has its national flag. Our country is also independent. So our country has a National Flag. It is tri-coloured. Saffron is on the top and it stands for courage and dedication. White is in the middle and it is the symbol of peace and purity. Green is at the bottom of the flag, and it stands for growth and fertility. There is an “Ashok Chakra” at the centre of the flag. It consists of 24 equally divided spokes and it is called ‘the wheel of duty’. It stands for progress. National Flag is hoisted during national festivals. We must respect our National Flag.

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