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A Dream Journey

2(a). These are the famous places of a particular city. Name the city.

2/b). Suppose you are given the chance to visit a place of your choice. Which place, then, would you like to visit? Would it be a city or a village? Discuss with the class.

Let’s read

Jhinuk lives with her mother in Alipurduar. It is a pretty city surrounded by distant hills. Jhinuk’s father works in Kolkata. On some weekends, he comes to his home. During these visits, he tells her stories about Kolkata. Some of the stories amaze Jhinuk. Her father has told her of the Metro Rail in Kolkata. Jhinuk has been astonished to hear of trains that run underground.

বাংলা মানে:

ঝিনুক তার মায়ের সঙ্গে আলিপুরদুয়ারে বাস করে। দূরে পাহাড়ে ঘেরা এটা একটা সুন্দর শহর। ঝিনুকের বাবা কলকাতায় কাজ করেন। সপ্তাহের শেষের দিকে তিনি বাড়িতে আসেন। এই ভ্রমণ কালে, তিনি (ঝিনুকের বাবা) তাকে (ঝিনুককে) কলকাতা সম্পর্কে গল্প বলেন। কিছু কিছু গল্প ঝিনুককে অবাক করে দেয়। তার বাবা তাকে কলকাতার মেট্রো রেল সম্পর্কে বলেছেন। ঝিনুক বিস্মিত হয়েছে ট্রেনের কথা শুনে যে ট্রেনগুলি মাটির নিচে চলে।

One weekend, Jhinuk was expecting her father to arrive. But on Friday evening, her mother told her, “Your father may not come tomorrow. He is busy with some urgent work.” Jhinuk felt very sad. She was missing her father very much. She had her dinner silently and went to sleep. Then she had a strange dream!

বাংলা মানে:

একটা সপ্তাহের শেষের দিকে, ঝিনুক আশা করেছিল তার বাবা আসবে। কিন্তু শুক্রবার সন্ধ্যায় তার মা তাকে বললেন, “তোমার বাবা আগামীকাল নাও আসতে পারেন। তিনি কিছু জরুরী কাজে ব্যস্ত আছেন।” ঝিনুক খুব দুঃখ পেল। সে তার বাবাকে খুব মিস করছিল। সে নীরবে রাতের খাবার খেলো এবং ঘুমাতে গেল। তারপর সে একটা অদ্ভুত স্বপ্ন দেখল।

Word Trove

pretty: beautiful

distant: far away

weekends: end of the week/Saturday and Sunday

amaze: surprise

urgent: immediate

Activity 1

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

(a) Jhinuk lives _______________________________ .

Ans: Jhinuk lives with her mother in Alipurduar.

(b) Alipurduar is a ___________________________ .

Ans: Alipurduar is a pretty city surrounded by distant hills.

(c) One weekend, Jhinuk ____________________ .

Ans: One weekend, Jhinuk was expecting her father to arrive.

(d) Jhinuk had her dinner ____________________ .

Ans: Jhinuk had her dinner silently and went to sleep.

Activity 2

“Then she had a strange dream” —–What do you think was “this strange dream “all about? Discuss with your partner.

Let’s continue

A beautiful fairy visited her in her dream. “I know you want to meet your father,” the fairy said. Jhinuk asked eagerly, “Will you take me to Kolkata, then?” The fairy smiled. She waved her glittering magic wand. And it was magic! In a moment Jhinuk found herself in a busy road. Around her she saw tall buildings, moving traffic and hurrying people. The loud blaring of horns startled her.

“So this is Kolkata!” exclaimed Jhinuk.”l have heard so much about Kolkata from my father.”

The beautiful fairy smiled. “You want to see more of this city?”

“Yes”, Jhinuk was excited.

The fairy waved her magic wand again. At once, Jhinuk saw a river in front of her. Large ships were anchored in the river. A lot of activities were going on.”This is the Kolkata port”, the fairy said.

“Kolkata is so very busy!” said Jhinuk.

The beautiful fairy smiled warmly. “Let me take you to the Eden Gardens now’. Jhinuk saw before her a vast green field. Sourav Ganguly had played here, she remembered.

“This is a place of hugely exciting cricket matches,” said the fairy.

Word Trove

wand : a magic stick which the fairy uses

blaring : piercing sound

startled : shocked

anchored : kept attached

port : place where ships load and unload goods

warmly : affectionately, lovingly

vast : large

Activity 3

Tick the most appropriate answer from the alternatives given:

(i)The fairy waved a –

(a) cloth (b) magic wand (c) paper

Ans: (b) magic wand.

(ii) In a moment, Jhinuk found herself in a-

(a) classroom (b) market place (c) busy road

Ans: (c) busy road.

(iii) In another wave of the fairy’s magic wand, Jhinuk saw in front of her a –

(a) river (b) lake (c) sea

Ans: (a) river.

(iv) The fairy wanted to take Jhinuk to –

(a) Victoria Memorial (b) Eden Gardens (c) Science City.

Ans: (b) Eden Gardens.

Activity 4

Write “T” for true and “F” for false statements in the given boxes:

(a) An old woman visited Jhinuk in her dreams.

Ans: F

(b) Jhinuk found only small buildings in the city.

Ans: F

(c) The fairy waved the magic wand more than once.

Ans: T

(d) Kolkata is a very busy city.

Ans: T

Let’s continue

“Can you show me the underground trains?” Jhinuk asked.

“Why not? Let us go right now”, the fairy answered.

They entered the Esplanade Metro station. The moving stairs took them underground. The train came into the station and they got up. Jhinuk was thrilled. “Where will you take me next?” she asked breathlessly.

“Where do you want to go?” the fairy asked her, with a smile.

Jhinuk said, “I want to meet my father.”

The fairy waved her magic wand again. Jhinuk saw a road lined with bookshops on either side. “I have never seen so many bookshops together !” Jhinuk exclaimed.”

This is College Street”, the fairy said. “People come here to buy old and new books.”Jhinuk suddenly spotted her father in a bookshop. She was delighted. She ran towards him.

“Wake up Jhinuk, wake up”, said a familiar voice.

Jhinuk wakes up from her dream. It is morning. Her father stands before her, smiling. So he could manage to come home, after all!

Word Trove

thrilled : excited

spotted : noticed

familiar : known

Let’s do:

Activity 5

Match column A with column B:

(i) Jhinuk(a) buy old and new books from College Street
(ii) A familiar voice(b) wanted to see the underground trains
(ii) Jhinuk’s father(c) wakes Jhinuk up
(iv) People(d) managed to return home


(i) Jhinuk(b) wanted to see the underground trains
(ii) A familiar voice(d) managed to return home
(ii) Jhinuk’s father(c) wakes Jhinuk up
(iv) People(a) buy old and new books from College Street

Activity 6

Answer the following questions:

(a) Which metro station did Jhinuk and the fairy enter?

Ans: Jhinuk and the fairy entered Esplanade Metro station.

(b) Where did Jhinuk find a road lined with bookshops on either side?

Ans: Jhinuk found a road lined with bookshops on either side at College Street.

(c) Why was Jhinuk delighted?

Ans: Jhinuk was delighted to see her father in a bookshop.

(d) What did Jhinuk see after waking up?

Ans: After waking up Jhinuk saw her father standing before her, smiling.

Activity 7 (a)

Fill in the blanks with the Present Continuous form of the given verbs:

(a) Shamim _______________________________________ (draw) a picture.

Ans: Shamim is drawing a picture.

(b) The boy ____________________ (climb) a rock.

Ans: The boy is climbing a rock.

(c) I ___________________ (talk) to my friend.

Ans: I am talking to my friend.

(d) They ____________ (cross) the desert.

Ans: They are crossing the desert.

Activity 7 (b)

Circle the adverbs in the following sentences:

(a) He ran quickly to the bus stop.

Ans: quickly.

(b) The teacher is thinking deeply.

Ans: deeply.

(c) The wind is blowing gently.

Ans: gently.

(d) l always try to help others.

Ans: always.

Activity 8 (a)

Match the states with their capitals:

(a) West Bengal(i) Patna
(b) Bihar(ii) Guwahati
(c) Odisha(iii) Kolkata
(d) Assam(iv) Bhubaneswar

Activity 8 (b)

Make sentences of your own using the following words:

anchored: I saw a ship anchored in the deep sea.


familiar: The man is not familiar to me.

city: I like to go to the city of London.

Let’s talk

Suppose you have met a famous cricketer who had played at Eden Gardens. Tell the class of your experience.Lef’s

Activity 9 (a)

Look at the following table:

(i) The Kolkata Portlarge ships
(i) The Eden Gardensexciting cricket matches
(iii) The College Streetold and new books

Given a choice, which among these three places would you like to visit and why? Write in five sentences.

Activity 9 (b)

Suppose you have met a fairy. She waves her magic wand and wants to grant you three wishes. Write five sentences on what you would wish for and why. Use the following hints:

place where you met her,

your wishes,

your feeling of excitement

Let’s work together

On a sheet of chart paper, draw a road map that leads you from your house to school.

Tell the class what you see on your way to school.

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