Our National Flag – A Paragraph Writing for Students of Class VIII, IX, X, XI, XII.

Our National Flag – A Paragraph Writing. A very beautiful paragraph writing. Prepare it for your final exam. We have prepared it with very common words so that the students can easily memorize.

Our National Flag

Ans: The National Flag of a country codifies the culture, heritage and freedom of that country. Each and every independent country has its own national flag. The country wants all its citizens to keep the honour of its National Flag. The national flag of independent India was first adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 22 July 1947. The Indian national flag is tri-coloured. Our national flag is consisted of three colours – Saffron at the top, white in the middle and green at the botton of the flag. The colour ‘saffron’ stands for ‘sacrifice and selfishness’. The white colour in the middle stands for ‘devotion, purity, truth and simplicity’. The colour ‘green’ stands for ‘youth, vigour and energy’. The ‘Ashoke Chakra’ at the centre of the flag indicates ‘progress’. We, the Indian, must pay due honour to our national flag. On nationally important days such as Independence Day or Republic Day, our national flag is hoisted and seen fluttering. We sometimes find these flags in the hands of demonstrators marching along the streets. On the days of national mourning national flag is kept at half mast.

We should follow some rules regarding the use of our national flag. They are – i) We should not lower our national flag before anything . ii)) We should bear it on the right shoulder of the standard bearer. iii) We should carry it in front of the procession. iv) We should place no other flag above the national flag or to its right.  v) When we hoist the flag, the saffron end should be at the top of the flag.

All Indians must up-hold the glory and honour of our national flag by all means within our power. When required, we should defend the honour of the flag with the last drop of our blood. To save the honour of our national flag is our duty and responsibility as it constantly reminds us of our hard-earned freedom.

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