Iswarchandra Vidyasagar

Iswarchandra Vidyasagar

Bengal can boast of her great sons. Mother India has produced many great sons. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar was one of them. He was really a great product of Renaissance of the 19th century. This great man took birth on 26th September in the year 1820 at Birsingha in the district of Midnapore. The name of his father was Thakurdas Bandopadhyay. His mother’s name was Bhagaboti Devi. He took birth in a very poor Brahmin family. He got his primary education at the village pathshala. After his primary education, his father took him to Kolkata.

There he was admitted to  Sanskrit College and and started to study. He had to suffer a lot to carry on his studies. Eventually he became the principal of Sanskrit College. Before becoming the principal, he was appointed as a teacher of Fort William College. He was not only a great scholar in Sanskrit, but also he was the pioneer of women’s education and widow-marriage. For his wisdom people called him “Vidyasagar”. He was a great scholar. This man was full of energy. He was very kind to the poor people of the society.

He sacrificed his life for the reformation of India. This man was a great social reformer like Raja Rammohan . He devoted himself to the noble task of removing illiteracy and ignorance from the land of his birth. This man wrote many books for spreading literacy in our country. He was also a great supporter of the Western system of education for Indians. This noble man looked after the distressed people. He also gave the means and ways for the poor and orphan. He worked hard to spread education among women society. This great man breathed his last in 189. We will still remember him in every walks of Indian life.

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