Indonesia Earthquake, Tsunami causing a lot of deaths.

Indonesia Earthquake, Gigantic Tsunami — A lot of death, a tragic incident.

A lot of people died due to powerful  Earthquake and destructive tsunami in Indonesia. More than 850 people lost their lives – according to the national disaster agency. This earthquake and tsunami crashed the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia.

On last Friday a great earthquake hit the city of Palu causing a huge damage in the the surrounding area. The magnitude of the earthquake was 7.5. This terrifying earthquake started in a series of tremors at 3 a.m. about 35 miles away from the city of Palu. Many huge buildings collapsed. This rage of Nature snatched away the lives of a lot of people.

The gigantic and destructive waves of tsunami destroyed many innocent people, around more than 850 died.  The huge tides swept them away. The Earthquake and tsunami jointly attacked the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. It may be that the number of death may exceed thousands. The rescuers were combing minutely the affected areas and they apprehend that the death toll may gradually increase. They were wading through the water and debris. The devastating earthquake on Friday affected  probably 2.4 million people.. Many foreigners also were affected. About 17,000 (seventeen thousand) people became homeless.

This mighty earthquake caused gigantic tsunami waves having the height of about 20 ft. They supposed that a lot of people got trapped in the collapsed and destroyed buildings. Naturally the number of casualties may increase day by day. The gigantic waves swept away the houses and buildings adjacent to the coastal area of Palu. According to the Indonesian Disaster Management Agency, the number of dead persons reached 400 in the early Sunday, and many injured.

A lot of people got buried under the debris. All the means of communication have been affected. Naturally it was very difficult for the rescue teams to reach the badly affected area. The local people joined the rescue operation. They ransacked the affected areas to find out the dead bodies from the debris. The telephone service did not work. Air communication was also disrupted. The relief workers faced many difficulties and they had to make their ways on road.

In the city of Palu the authority warned the people and told the inhabitants not to enter the houses and not to spend Saturday night inside their houses. The authorities ordered them to spend the night in the open bare area for the fear of possible aftershocks.

The casualties and deaths reached to such a point that the hospital authorities were compelled to ask help from others, the common people. The family members of the collapsed buildings were lamenting the deaths of their dear ones.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo said that the military force had been called in to rescue the affected victims and help the rescuers. He asked them to work day and night to hasten the rescue operation. He also told that he was monitoring the situation.

The city Donggala was also badly affected and tattered by the devastating tsunami waves. The distance of this city is about 50 miles from the epicentre of the earthquake. Hundreds of people were busy in the preparation of a festival on the sea-beach. Most of them became victims of the tsunami. The tsunami smashed and swept away cars, vehicles, logs, houses, buildings everything. The city of Donggala was cut off due to disruption of all sorts of communication.

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