Importance of Reading Newspaper, A Paragraph, an Article, Very Important for the Final Examinees of 2019

Read and Prepare this Paragraph. It is very important for the Madhyamik students.

Dear students, we are coming soon with many specimen writings so that you can prepare them and do a good result. Our effort will help you overcome your panic in English writing skills. Most of the students to whom English is Second Language are afraid of writing skills. They are worried which letter/paragraph /notice will come in their final question paper. We give suggestion to those students not to be worried. Only do practice regularly and try to find out the meaning of each and every word of the writing.

Write a paragraph on the importance of reading newspaper.

Newspapers are of much importance in our daily life. We cannot pass away even a single day without newspaper. Nowadays we are always in a hurry, yet we cast a quick look at the headlines of newspapers daily. We come to know what is going on all over the world, the results of various types of games, political news all over the world. It also provides many information such as advertisement notices and reviews. We come to know the result of various types of examinations, the news of society, various types of drama and books. With the help of newspapers we become aware about activities around us. Nobody can deny the importance of newspapers. Reading newspaper will develop the reading habit of the students. It will also increase the store of vocabulary of the students. It helps us become aware of problems in our country. Reading newspaper is obviously a very good habit. It has a great educational value. We can get news about economy, politics, sports, social activities, educational topics, business, trade, industry etc. The Desire for reading newspaper sharpens intelligence of students. We can enrich the storehouse of current affairs and general knowledge. It gives us worldwide information, and newspaper reading  is very helpful to get global information. In the age of internet there are many sources of conveying news like electronic media, television channel, internet connection, print media, radio etc, yet  newspaper has no lost its importance. Reading newspaper daily is a must for both the students and adults.

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