Independence Day Report Writing || Write a report on how 75th year of Independence Day was celebrated in your school.

Independence Day Report Writing

Write a report on the 75th year of Independence Day was celebrated in your school. The report is to be published in your school magazine (word limit 150 words( (2+8)


75th year of Independence Day celebration in our school

by Raju Kumar.

75th year of independence day was observed in Kishore Nagar Sachindra Shikha Bhawan with pomp and enthusiasm. 15th August 2022 was the 75th year of independence day of our country. The school celebrated it gorgeously and glamorously. The whole school campus was decorated with flowers, flags, face tones and stickers. The painting of many brave freedom fighters were painted on the wall of the school. All the students, teachers and non teaching staff were asked to be present by 7:00 a.m. in their presence our honorable headmaster Dr. Jayanta Roy hoisted the national flag. Then all sang the national anthem in chorus. After that is short but gorgeous program was organised by the school. The program started with a colourful procession of the students. After getting back from the procession, the second part of the program begin which was a cultural function. At first the students of class 11 sang the inauguration song “Chal chal chal”. The headmaster of our school presided over the function. Many famous persons were present at that day. Our chief guest was the B.D.O. of Contai S. Rana. But the main and special guest was Mr Sujay Jana whose grandfather was a freedom fighter of our locality. Then the headmaster gave a short lecture on the relevance of Independence Day. The special guest and chief guest also gave small speeches in their own way. All of the students heard the speeches carefully and tried to feel the heat of independence. Then the cultural part resumed again. The students of class 12 performed a drama named “Dakghor”. Some of the students sang patriotic songs, some of them danced. The total cultural program came to an end at 11:00 a.m. After the programme, sweets and cakes were distributed among the students.

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