Idioms for PSC Clerkship and other Competitive Exams. English Grammar.

Idioms for Competitive Exams. Just prepare and do a very good result in all competitive exams.

These idioms are very very important for all types of competitive exams. Most of the students fumble for the important idioms. Keeping the thoughts of the students in our mind we have given on this page many idioms that will suffice you for all types of competitive exams. So if you want to get a good score in your examination and if you want to snatch success you must prepare these idioms. get success in your examination and get your bright future.

Idioms for Competitive Exams
IdiomsBengali MeaningEnglish MeaningUsage in Sentence
ABCপ্রাথমিক জ্ঞানPrimary knowledgeI don’t have the ABC of Music
Above all সর্বোপরিmore than anything elseAbove all, you should be careful about your study.
Achilles’ heel দুর্বলতাweak point Overconfidence is the Achilles’ heel of the man.
After all সব কিছু সত্ত্বেওin spite of everythingAfter all, he is a teacher.
All at once হঠাৎsuddenlyAll at once a tiger came out of the forest.
All on a sudden হঠাৎsuddenlyAll on a sudden, an elephant came out of the forest.
All but প্রায়nearlyThe poor man is all but ruined.
All in all সর্বেসর্বাsupremeMr. Sharma is all in all in his team.
Apple of discord ঝগড়ার বিষয়matter of disputeThis property has become an apple of discord among the members.
A rat raceসাফল্যের জন্য ইঁদুর দৌড়a keen competition for successThe boys are now put in a rat race in schools.
As if যেনas it would beHe sings so melodiously as if he is a renowned singer.
As it were যেনlikeThe sun is, as it were, the lamp of the universe.
As usual যথারীতিhabituallyHe is prompt in every work as usual.
At a loss কিংকর্তব্যবিমূঢ়puzzledHe was at a lass and asked for help from all.
At all আদৌprimarilyThis is not a correct approach at all.
At all eventsযাই ঘটুকin all casesHe stands by me at all events.
 At a low ebb  নিম্নমুখীdecreasing His energy is at a low ebb.
At homeস্বচ্ছন্দcomfortableI am at home here.
Bad bloodমনোমালিন্যill-feelingWe have no bad blood.
Bring into playকাজে লাগানোuseHe brings all his efforts into play to get success.
Bed of rosesআরামদায়ক অবস্থাcomfortable conditionLife is not a bed of roses.
Black sheepকুলাঙ্গারa bad manHe is the only black sheep in his family.
Book wormগ্রন্থকীটfond of booksHe is a bookworm.
Beggar descriptionঅবর্ণনীয়that cannot be describedThe beauty of the scenery is the beggar’s description.
Bird’s eye viewমোটামুটি  ধারণাan over-all ideaHe has a bird’s eye view about the matter.
Fair and squareসৎhonestI believe in fair and square principle.
Crocodile tearsমায়াকান্নাpretended cry‌‌‍He shed crocodile tears at their sorrow.
Bids fairসম্ভাবনাpossibilityHe has possibility to get a bright future.
By fair meansসৎ পথেhonestlyAlwas try to earn by fair means.
By and largeপ্রধানতmainlyPeople in our village are by and large farmers.
Hand in handএকসাথে মিলেমিশেjointlyWe must work hand in hand.
Head or tailমাথামুণ্ডুhaving no meaningI cannot to make head or tail of your speech.
In full swingপুরোদমেin top conditionWhen I returned music was played in full swing.
Maiden speechপ্রথম বক্তৃতাfirst speechHe delivered his maiden speech for the audience.
Out of dateঅপ্রচলিতout of fashion or backdatedThis style is out of date.
White elephantঅলাভজনকunprofitableThis is nothing but a white elephant.
Tit for tatইটের বদলে পাটকেলto return one’s ill-treatmentIf you abuse me, I will beat you badly; this is tit for tat.

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