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Dear students, download here the reliable HS English Suggestion for 2019, for the students of West Bengal Council Of Higher Secondary Education. We give this suggestion free of cost.

Most of the students reading in class Xii are afraid of English as a second language. They falter and fumble. But they need not be afraid. Here is the suggestion of English for HIGHER SECONDARY EXAMINATION 2019. It will be very helpful to the students. This suggestion is for sure success.

Download WB Higher Secondary English Suggestion for 2019. You can find here a complete and compact English suggestion intended for the students of 10+2 class under WBCHSE. Find proper tips how to score good result in Higher Secondary Examination. You have to keep in your mind that suggestion means possible questions that may come or may not. The suggestion given here is exactly in accordance with the new syllabus framed by West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education.

The West Bengal Higher Secondary Examination – 2018 will commence on 26.02.2019. English(2nd language) Exam will be on 28.02.2019. Here we provide you with a complete study guide and suggestion.

Tips: Prepare yourself with the tips provided here. Be mentally prepared. No need to get afraid. Read carefully and minutely each text so that you can attempt any short question set in the question paper. You need to know the word-meaning for vocabulary. In the exam centre you will be given 3 hours and 15 minutes. You have to answer the questions for 80 marks within the given time. Read the questions attentively and minutely. Try to answer the questions in brief and to the point because there is word for the answers made by you. Avoid spelling mistake. Handwriting should tidy and clear. 

In the Question Paper PART – A consists of 60 marks containing the questions of 6 marks from prose and poetry and the play, questions from grammar(do as directed) and unseen passage, and writing.

In the Question Paper PART – B consists of 20 marks containing the MCQ and SAQ type questions of 1 mark from prose, poetry and play.

Higher Secondary English Suggestion 2019



The Eyes Have It

Descriptive Type Questions:

1) “Then I made a mistake.”- What mistake did the speaker make? Why was it a mistake? What removed the speaker’s doubt? What did the speaker do then?

2) “Oh, how lucky you are”- Who said this? Who was considered lucky and why? What did the person spoken to say in reply?

3) “Yes, this is the best time.”- Who said this? What time is referred to in the line? Why, according to the narrator, is it the best time?

4) “You have an interesting face”- Who said this? Whose face is referred to here? Why did the speaker say this? How did the person spoken to respond to this comment?

5) “You are a very gallant young man.”- Who is ‘she’? Whom did she call ‘gallant young man’? What led the girl to call the young man ‘gallant’? What other word was used by her to describe the young man?

6) “She would forgot our brief encounter”- Who said this and about whom? What is the ‘brief encounter ‘ referred to here? Why did the speaker think so?

Strong Roots:

1. “Our locality was predominantly Muslim”- Who said this? Describe their locality . What picture of communal harmony do you find?

2. “His answer filled me with strange  energy and enthusiasm”- Whose answer filled whom? What was the answer?

3. What was Kalam’s father’s response to his son’s query about prayer?

4. “Why don’t you say this to the people who come to you.”- Who said this and to whom? What is referred to here as ‘this’? Why did people come to him?

5. What was the routine of Kalam’s father? What does Kalam say about his emulation of his father?

Thank You Ma’am

1. Describe the motherly feelings of Mrs Jones.

2. Character of Roger

3. Title 

4. “I am sorry, lady, I am sorry.”- Who said this? Was he really sorry? When was the speaker a changed man?

5. How did Mrs. Jones reform Roger?

6. “I wanted a pair of blue suede shoes” – Who said this and to whom? What reply did he get and how did he react?

Three Questions 

1. What were the three questions that had occurred to the Tsar? Why did he want to know the answers ? How did the learnned men answer to the questions?

2. How did the Tsar serve the wounded man?

3. How did the Hermit answer to the questions?

4. “Here comes someone running. ” Who said this?  Who was coming? Why did he come running? What happened to him?

5. How did the Tsar make peace with the enemy?


On Killing A Tree

1.Title of the poem.

2. Theme of the poem. 

3. “And then it is done”- What is ‘it’? What do you mean by ‘done’? When is it done? How is it done?

4. Message conveyed in the poem./ Man’s cruelty.

5. How does the tree heal itself?

Asleep in the Valley:

1. Title.

2. Theme.

3. As an anti-war poem.

4. “Ah, Nature, keep him warm.” – Who is he? Why may he catch cold? Why does the poet ask Nature to keep him warm?

5. “His smile is like an infant’s.” – Whose smile is referred to here? Why is his smile compared with that of an infant? How does Nature treat him?

Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?:

1. Theme.

2. How does Shakespeare compare the beauty of his friend to that of a summer’s day?

3. “But thy eternal summer shall not fade.”- Name the poet. Whose eternal summer is referred to? What do you mean by ‘thy eternal summer’? What conclusion does the poet draw at last?

4 Central idea of the poem.

5. “And this gives life to thee.” – What does’this’ refer to? Who is referred to here by ‘thee’? Explain the line.

The Poetry of Earth:

1. Theme.

2. Central idea.

3. What pictures of the two seasons do you find in the poem? How are they related?

4. “He takes the lead.” – Who takes the lead? When does he take the lead? How does he take the lead?

5. “… a voice will run.” – Whose voice is referred to here? Where does the line occur? How will the voice run? 

The Play

The Proposal:

1. Character of  Natalya.

2. Chubukov’s character.

3. Title of the play.

4. Discuss the social life as you find in the play.

5. “Oh, what a burden, to be the father of a grown up daughter!” – Who is the father? Who is the daughter? Why is th daughter a burden to the father?

Writing Skill:

1.Write a letter to the Officer – in – Charge of the local police station reporting the loss of a bi-cycle.

2. To the Pradhan for an arsenic free tubewell.

3. To the headmaster for the construction of a cycle-shed.

4. To the Headmaster to allow you to arrange a Tree Plantation Programme in your school.

5. To the Editor of an English daily about high price of essential commodities.

6. To the Editor of an English about antisocial activities in your area.

7. To the Editor of an English daily about Global Warming.

8. Editorial letter  about reckless driver.

9. Editorial letter about indiscriminate use of microphones.

10. Report on “Kanyashree Divas”.

11. Report on Teachers’ Day Celebration.

12. Retirement of a teacher.

13. World Environment Day Celebration.

14.Cultural Programme in your school.

** Practise Precis Writing as much as you can.

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