Grammar from Karma Class XI, WBCHSE. Important for Class-XI Annual Exam

Grammar from Karma Class XI, WBCHSE. Important for Class-XI Annual Exam. Very important grammar for the students of class XI students and those who are going to sit for various types of Competitive Exams. Do practice and prepare these examples of grammar and do an extraordinary result in your exam. Important grammar from “Karma” by Khushwant Singh.

Textual Grammar from Karma

Q: Sir Mohan threw out his chest.

Ans: His chest was thrown out by sir Mohan.

Q: Sir Mohan smoothed his Balliol tie.

Ans: His Balliol tie was smoothed by Sir Mohan.

Q: He glanced at his watch.

Ans: His watch was glanced at by him.

Q: She wors a dirty white saree with a red border.

Ans: A dirty white saree with a red border was worn by her.

Q: Sir Mohan had summoned him inside.

Ans: He had been summoned by Sir Mohan inside.

Q: She hailed a passing railway coolie.

Ans: A passing railwa coolie was hailed by her.

Q: I can’t understand English and don’t know their ways.

Ans: English can’t be understood by me and their ways are not known to me.

Q: Lady Lal picked up her brass tiffin career.

Ans::Her brass tiffin career was picked up by Lady Lal.

Lady Lal opened the brass carrier and took out a bundle of cramped chapatties and some mango pickle.

Ans: The brass carrier was opened and a bundle of cramped chapatties and some mango pickle were taken out by Lady Lal.

Q: You’ll find room in the zenana.

Ans: Room will be found by you in the zenana.

Q: Then I might as well get over the bother of eating.

Ans: Then the bother of eating might as well be got over by me.

Q: She emitted a long, loud belch.

Ans: A long, loud belch was emitted by her.

Q: These nocturnal visits had, however, borne no fruit.

Ans: No fruit had, however, been borne by these nocturnal visits.

Q: The rest of the train was packed.

Ans: Passengers packed the rest of the train.

Q: Lady Lal hurriedly finished off her meal.

Ans: Her meal was hurriedly finished off by Lady Lal.

Q: The clinging of the bill announced the approaching train.

Ans: The approaching train was announced by the clinging of the bell.

Q: He did not like her poor relatives.

Ans: Her poor relatives were not liked by him.

Q: These she thrust into her mouth.

Ans: These were thrust into her mouth by her.

Q: She then opened her betel case.

Ans: Her betel case was then opened by her.

Q: She found a seat by the window.

Ans: A seat was found by her by the window.

Grammar from Jimmy Valentine

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