Grammar from Jimmy Valentine Class XI, WBCHSE. Important for Class-XI Annual Exam

Grammar from Jimmy Valentine Class XI, WBCHSE. Important for Class-XI Annual Exam. Very important grammar for the students of class XI students and those who are going to sit for various types of Competitive Exams. Do practice and prepare these examples of grammar and do an extraordinary result in your exam.

Grammar from Jimmy Valentine

Voice Change

Q: Jimmy took it in a tired kind of way.

Ans: It was taken by Jimmy in a tired kind of way.

Q: Stop cracking safes.

Ans: You are advised to stop cracking safes.

Q: I never cracked a safe in my life.

Ans: A safe was never cracked by me in my life.

Q: Take him back.

Ans: Let him be taken back.

Q: Unlock him at seven in the morning.

Ans: Let him be unlocked at seven in the morning.

Q: There the warden handed Jimmy his pardon.

Ans: There Jimmy was handed his pardon by the warden.

Q: Jimmy was assiduously stitching the uppers.

Ans: The uppers were being assiduously stitched by Jimmy.

Q: The warden gave him a cigar.

Ans: He was given a cigar by the warden.

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Q: The clerk handed him a railroad ticket and the five-dollar bill.

Ans: He was handed a railroad ticket and the five-dollar bill by the clerk.

Q: We couldn’t make it sooner.

Ans: It couldn’t be made sooner by us.

Q: There he tasted the first sweet joys of liberty.

Ans: There the first sweet joys of liberty were tasted by him.

Q: Jimmy slid back a panel in the wall and dragged out a dust-covered suitcase.

Ans: A panel was slid back in the wall and a dust-covered-covered suitcase was dragged out by Jimmy.

Q: This statement delighted Mike to such an extent that Jimmy had to take a seltzer-and-milk on the spot.

Ans: Mike was delighted by this statement to such an extent that a seltzer-and-milk had to be taken by Jimmy on the spot.

Q: He never touched ‘hard’ drinks.

Ans: ‘Hard’ drinks were never touched by him.

Q: He’s resumed business.

Ans: Business has been resumed by him.

Q: There was a neat job of burglary done in Richmond.

Ans: There he did a neat job of burglary in Richmond.

Q: By comparing notes, a remarkable similarity in the methods of burglary was noticed.

Ans: By comparing notes, he noticed remarkable similarity in the methods of burglary.

Q: Ben Price investigated the scenes of the robberies.

Ans: The scenes of robberies were investigated by Ben Price.

Q: I am representing the New York Amalgamated short snap Biscuit cracker and Frazzled wheat company.

Ans: The New York Amalgamated short snap Biscuit cracker and Frazzled wheat company is being represented by me.

Q: A young lady crossed the street.

Ans: The street was crossed by a young lady.

Q: Her pa owns this bank.

Ans: This bank is owned by her pa.

Q: She lowered her eyes.

Ans: Her eyes were lowered (by her).

Q: He had thought of the shoe business.

Ans: The shoe business had been thought of by him.

Q: Now he perceived his shortcomings.

Ans: His shortcomings were now perceived by him.

Q: The clerk was impressed by the clothes and manner of Jimmy.

Ans: The clothes and manner of Jimmy impressed the clerk.

Q: The clerk needn’t call the boy.

Ans: The boy need not be called by the clerk.

Q: He would carry up his suitcase, himself.

Ans: His suitcase would be carried up by him himself.

Q: He had won the respect of the community.

Ans: The respect of the community had been won by him.

Q: He opened a shoe store and secure a good run of trade.

Ans: A shoe store was opened and a good run of trade was secured by him.

Q:He approved of Spencer.

Ans: Spencer was approved of by him.

Q: And he accomplished the wish of his heart.

Ans: And the wish of his heart was accomplished by him.

Q: Jimmy wrote this letter.

Ans: This letter was written by Jimmy.

Q: The next morning Jimmy took breakfast at the Adamses.

Ans: Breakfast was taken by Jimmy the next morning at the Adamses.

Q: I’m making an honest living.

Ans: An honest living is being made by me.

Q: Jimmy set his suitcase down.

Ans: His suitcase was set down by Jimmy.

Q: Annabel put on Jimmy’s hat.

Ans: Jimmy’s hat was put on by Annabel.

Q: She picked up the suitcase.

Ans: The suitcase was picked up by her.

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Q: He told the teller that he didn’t want anything.

Ans: The teller was told that nothing was wanted by him.

Q: The Elmore bank had just put in a new safe and vault.

Ans: A new safe and vault had just been put in by the Elmore bank.

Q: Mr. Adams beamingly explained its workings to Mr. Spencer.

Ans: It’s workings were beamingly explained to Mr. Spencer by Mr. Adams.

Q: The two children, May and Agatha, were delighted by the signing metal and funny clock and knobs.

Ans: The signing metal and funny clock and knobs delighted the two children, May and Agatha.

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