Grammar from Nobel Lecture, Class XI, WBCHSE. Important for Class-XI Annual Exam

Grammar from Nobel Lecture by Mother Teresa, Class XI, WBCHSE. Important for Class-XI Annual Exam.

Grammar from Nobel Lecture, Class XI, WBCHSE. Important for Class-XI Annual Exam. Very important grammar for the students of class XI students and those who are going to sit for various types of Competitive Exams. Do practice and prepare these examples of grammar and do an extraordinary result in your exam.

Nobel Lecture Textual Grammar
Grammar from Nobel Lecture

We pray this prayer every day after Holy Communion.

This prayer is prayed every day by us after Holy Communion.

Q: Some of you have already got it.

Ans: It has already been got by some of you.

Q: It always surprised me very much.

Ans: I am always surprised very much at it.

Q: St. Francis of Assisi composed this prayer.

Ans: This prayer was composed by St. Francis of Assisi.

Q: We all want this.

Ans: This is wanted by all of us.

Q: We have been created to live that peace.

Ans: God has created us to live that peace.

Q: What did she do with him?

Ans: What was done with him by her?

Q: He gave him to Virgin Mary.

Ans: He was given by him to Virgin Mary.

Q: How can you love God?

Ans: How can God be loved by you?

Q: He recognized the Prince of Peace.

Ans: The Prince of Peace was recognized by him.

Q: You did it to me.

Ans: It was done by you to me.

Q: I have loved you.

Ans: You have been loved by me.

Q: He made himself the bread of life.

Ans: He was made the bread of life by himself.

Q: They are forgotten.

Ans: People forget them.

Q: I never forget an opportunity.

Ans: An opportunity was never forgotten by me.

Q: I did not see a single one with a smile on their face.

Ans: Not a single one was seen with a smile on their face by me.

Q: I will not forget you.

Ans: You will not be forgotten.

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Q: Our parents wanted us.

Ans: We were wanted by our parents.

Q: We are talking of peace.

Ans: Peace is being talked of by us.

Q: We love them.

Ans: They are loved by us.

Q: Let us bring the child back.

Ans: Let the child be brought back (by you).

Q: Tell them come.

Ans: Let them be told to come.

Q: We are doing another thing.

Ans: Another thing is being done by us.

Q: What have we done for the child?

Ans: What has been done by us for the child?

Q: Please don’t destroy the child.

Ans: You are requested not to destroy the child.

Q: Have we really made the children wanted?

Ans: Have the children been really made wanted by us?

Q: We will take care of you.

Ans: You will be taken care of by us.

Q: We are teaching our beggars.

Ans: Our beggars are being taught by us.

Q: We have sent words to all the clinics.

Ans: Words have been sent by us to all the clinics.

Q: I will give you something terrifying.

Ans: You will be given something terrifying by me.

Q: We are fighting abortion by adoption.

Ans: Abortion is being fought by adoption by us.

Q: We will get a home for the child.

Ans: A home will be got by ask for the child.

Q: We have a saved thousands of lives.

Ans: Thousands of lives have been saved by us.

Q: We will take the child from you.

Ans: The child will be taken by us from you.

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