Error Correction for HS Class 12 Final Exam, WBCHSE. A Lot of Examples. Get Common. English 2nd Language.

Error Correction for HS Class 12 (XII) Final Examination. Very important correction of errors or error correction. Important for HS (class 12th level) final examination. Textual examples. Prepared on the basis of previous years’ question papers in the Higher Secondary (HS) Examination. prepare carefully and score a very good result in your final examination.


Find the errors of the following sentences:

The Eyes Have It:

“That always happen,” she said.

Options: happens / happened / happening

Answer: happens.

She was stood very close to me.

[Options: stand/standing/stands

Answer: standing.

I wish I was going to Musoorie.

[Options : am/were/will]

Answer: were

The couple who saw her off were probable her parents.

[Options: probability/probabily/probablyl

Answer: probably

She had beautity eyes


Answer: beautiful.

Thank goodness its a short journey.

[Options it was / it were / it’s]

Answer: it’s.

The woman gave the girl detail instructions.

[Options: detailed/detailing/details]

Answer: detailed.

There was some confirmation in the doorway.

[Options: confusion/confused/conviction]

Answer: confusion.

I wondered though she wore her hair in bun or if it was plaited.

[Options: but / is / so]

Answer: if.

Few girls can resist flattering.

[Options: flatter/flattery/flatterer]

Answer: flattery.

They seemed very ancient about her confort.

[Options: anxious/anxiety/anxiously]

Answer: anxious.

It would take me some time to discovering something about her looks.

[Options : discovers/discover/discovered

Ans. discover.

I was becoming quite dare, but it was a safe remark.

[Options: Dared / daring / dares]

Answer: daring.

My eyes sensible only to light and darkness, I was unable to tell what the girl looked like.

[Options: sensation/sensitive/sensitively]

Ans. sensitive.

It could be a fascinated game, guessing what went on out there.

[Options: fascination/fascinate/fascinating]

Answer: fascinating.

She was an interested girl.

[Options: interest/interestingly/nteresting]

Answer: interesting

She was standing very close to me, so close that the perfume from her hair was tantalized.

[Options: tantalise/tantalising/tantalisablel

Answer: tantalising.

“Then I had best not get too familiar,” I replied.

[Options: good/better/worse.]

Answer: better.

I wish I was going to Mussoorie.

[Options: had/is/were]

Answer: were.

Well, an interested face can also be pretty.

[Options: interesting/nterestingly/interest|

Ans. interesting.

I must have been sit in a dark corner because my voice startled her.

[Options: seat/sitting/sat]

Answer: sitting.

“No”, I answered quite confidence.

[Options: confidently, confide, confident]

Answer: confidently

She seemed to find nothing strangeness in the question.

[Options: strangle/strangely/strange]

Answer: strange

Her voice had the sparkled of a mountain stream.

[Options : sparkie/spark/sparkling]

Ans. sparkling

They called their goodbye and the train pulled out of the station.

[Options: goodboys/names/goodbyes.]

Answer: goodbyes.

She was stood very close to me.

[Options: stand/standing/stands

Answer: standing.

“Aunts are normally formidable creatures.”

Options: usually / rarely / unusually.

Answer: usually.

She had beautity eyes.

[Options : beautification/beautiful/beautifully]

Answer: beautiful.

Did you noticed?” I ventured.

[Options: have / has / were]

Answer: have.

Strong Roots:

I do not recall the exacty number of people fed every day.

[Options : exactiy/exacting/exact

Answer: exact

My parents were wide regarded as an ideal couple.

[Options: widely/widening/wild]

Answer: widely

My Father could convey complex spiritual conceives in very simple, down-to-earth Tamil.

[Options: conceptions/conceptual/concepts]

Answer: concepts.

My parents were wide regarded as an ideal couple.

[Options: widely/widening/wild]

Answer: widely.

I would say mine was a very secured childhood.

[Options Securing/secure/secured]

Answer: secure

I also remember people visited our home to offer thanks.

[Options: visited/visiting/visit]

Answer: visiting.

There was nothing mystery about prayer.

[Options: mystic/mysterious/mysterious]

Answer: mysterious

I remember my father started his day at 4 a.m.

[Options: starting/start/starts]

Answer: starting.

I normally ate with my mother, seated on the floor of the kitchen.

(Options: sat/seating/sitin

Answer: sitting

I was total convinced that they reached God.

[Options: totally/totality/totaling]

Answer: totally

Our locality was predominated Muslim.

[Options: predominate/predominating/predominantly]

Answer: predominantly.

My Father told me there was nothing mystic about prayer.

[Options: mysterious/mystery/miserable]

Answer: mysterious.

My austere father used to avoid all unessential comforts and luxuries.

[Options: essence/essential/ inessential]

Answer: inessential.

My austere father used to avoid all unessential comforts and luxuries.

Options: essential/inessential/essend

Answer: inessential.

This remained his routine even when he was in his late sixty.

[Options: seventies/sixties/fities]

Answer: sixties.

He had an ideal helper in my mother, Ashiamma.

[Options : help/helpmate/helping]

Answer: helpmate.

Adversity always present opportunities for introspection.

[Options : presentable/presents/presenting]

Answer: presents.

My mother’s lineage was the more distinguishable.

[Options: distinguished/distinguishing/distinguish]

Answer: distinguished.

I do not recall the exacty number of people fed every day.

[Options : exactiy/exacting/exact

Answer: exact

His answers filled me with a strange energy and enthusiastic. (HS Exam – 2018)

[Options:  enthuse / enthusiastically / enthusiasm]

Answer: enthusiasm.

I had not the finest idea of the meaning of the Arabic prayers chanted

[Options: faintest/fantastic/faintly]

Answer: faintest.

Three Questions:

When the Tsar approaches, the hermit was digging the ground.

[Options: approach/approaching/approached]

Answer: approached.

They all answered to his questions diferent.

[Options: differently/differ/differentiate]

Answer: differently.

He would never failed in anything he might undertake.

[Options: fail / failing / had failed. ]

Answer: fail.

“Here comes someone running” said the hermit, “let us see which it is.” 

[Options: who / whom / that]

Answer: who.

It was impossible for one man to decided correctly.

Options: will decide / has decided / decide.

Answer: decide.

He struck his spade among the ground.

[Option: into on over.]

Answer: into.

The hermit listened to the Tsar but did not answer nothing.

[Options: answered / give answer / did not give answer]

Answer: answered.

Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day?

Thou art more lovely and more temperamental.

[Options: temperate/temperature/temper]

Answer: temperate.

And summers lease has to sort a date.

[Options: summer’s / summer / summer time]

Answer: summer’s.

Shall I compare thee with a summer’s day?

[Options: for / than / to] 

Answer: to.

But the eternal summer shall not fade.

[Options: you / thy / thee]

Answer: thy.

And every fair from fair sometime decline

[Options: declination / declivity / declines]

Answer: declines.

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