Reopening of Schools in West Bengal, Class IX to XII, From 12th February. Guidelines for Schools, All Details.

Reopening of Schools in West Bengal, with Classes IX, X, XI and XII.

The School Education Department of West Bengal today has published a notification regarding the reopening of schools in West Bengal. The schools will be reopened from 12th February 2021 with the students from class 9 to 12. All the institutions will reopen, maintaining all the guidelines of the covid-19 situation. Before a few days, the education minister of West Bengal informed that the schools will reopen most probably from 12th February, and so today the education department published the official notification. 

The students of classes 9 to 12 will attend the school. They have to maintain the guidelines strictly. To prevent the spread of covid-19 all the students along with the staff of the institutions will have to maintain the covid-19 protocols strictly. From 16th March 2020, all the educational institutions of West Bengal were closed due to the pandemic situation. Nearly after 10 months, the classes from 9 to 12 will be started from 12th February 2021.

During this log down the students attended online classes. But the total access is not possible for the students. So the students were facing a lot of difficulties in preparing their lessons. Even in remote areas of villages online class was totally impossible. On the other hand, the final examinations of Madhyamik and Higher Secondary students are knocking at the door.In such situation, the students faced a lot of problems. 

Before the starting of classes, all the schools will be completely sanitized. Students and the teachers have to maintain physical distance, must wear masks, and maintain other necessary guidelines mentioned by the education department. Taking the consent of the guardians the students will attend the schools. the teachers also will guide the students to maintain the covid-19 protocols. They will also encourage the students to be habituated to their school lessons after a long gap.

Proposals to be Followed:

Some proposals have been made by the school education department of West Bengal. The proposals are as follows –

  • Schools may be opened from classes 9 to 12 on and from 12th February 2021.
  • Academic classes for 9 to 12 may be held for each class every day as per school hours in a week.
  • Each IX to XII classes may be divided into two or more separate rooms depending upon resources available (class routine be accordingly adjusted) following social distancing and covid-19 protocols among the students and the staff of the school.
  • Besides theoretical classes, the practical classes of class XI and XII may be taken up by the school authority on the opening of school from 12th February 2021.
  • It must be mentioned here that all schools must be properly sanitized, must maintain all covid-19 protocols during school days i.e. wearing masks for all students as well as the teaching and non-teaching staff of the schools, social distancing, etc. Also, proper awareness may be created among the students/guardians about the norms of the covid-19 protocol.

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