Distribution of Sabuj Sathi bi-cycles Report Writing. Important for X, XII Students

Distribution of Sabuj Sathi bi-cycles – Report Writing. Very important for classes X and XII students of West.

Distribution of Sabooj Sathi Bi-cycles

Suppose as a student volunteer you were assigned the task of distributing the ‘Sabuj Sathi’ bicyles to the students of classes X and XII in your school. Write a report on how the entire project was completed. (2+8 10)


ABC School, 10th January, 2021: Last Wednesday our school distributed ‘Sabuj Sathi’ bicycles among the students of classes X and XII. Total 80 boys and 68 girls received the bicycles on this day. The names and adresses of these 148 students were forwarded to the local B.D.O office as eligible recipients of the bicycles. Accordingly, a consignment of 148 bicycles were delevered in the school through transport vehicles on last Monday. Out of these bi-cycles, two were found to be defective and those were returned for replacement. All the students attended the distribution programme along with their guardians. The bicycles were handed over to them in their presence. Five students remained absent. Their bicycles were kept in safer custody for distribution later-on. The entire programme was conducted under supervision of teachers and the representatives of municipality/ panchayet. The programme was completed successfully.

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