Write a letter to the concerned official of the state Electricity Distribution Ltd. complaining against the problem of low voltage.

Write a letter to the concerned official of the State Electricity Distribution Ltd. complaining against theproblem of low voltage.


The Executive Engineer


Arambagh Circle


Sub : Low voltage problem.


I am a permanent resident of Arambagh, Hooghly. We have been facing very severe low voltage problem for quite a longtime. Voltage here frequently fluctuates throughout the day and after the evening it lowers to a considerable margin. As a result tube lights cannot be switched on during night and people are forced to do all householdworks in a very dim light. Students cannot study properly. Costly electronic and electrical appliances have been getting out of order for this reason. Roads get into darkness after evening as street-lights do not get sufficient voltage to be on. Life becomes unbearable in the heat wave of scorching summer.

So, I request you to arrange for a transformer for our locality so that the supply of electricity may be normalised. If you consider my appeal, all the people of our locality will be benefitted a lot.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

Sankar Sengupta



12 May, 2022

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