Amritsar Train Accident – A Report writing for Madhyamik & HS Students

Amritsar Train Accident – A Report writing important for Madhyamik & HS Students as Current affairs.

Amritsar Train Accident 2018, causing death toll of about 62, a lot of injured in Amritsar, Punjab. A Paragraph for Madhyamik & HS Students.

Dear students, we provide here a very important writing for Madhyamik & HS Students of West Bengal. Prepare it as current affair. In this page we are giving a good Report writing on “Amritsar Train Accident”. We hope our sincere effort will meet the demands of the students. Most of the students, to whom English is Second Language, are afraid of English writings and it is an onerous task to them. So we have used all techniques to make this page attractive to our students. The writings which we are providing here will charm and encourage the students. We also are giving here some tips how to improve their writing skills and write better on any subject. We hope such tips will help them acquire confidence in writing. We have used here very simple and common words for the better understanding of the students. Scroll down the page to get the Report.

Tips how to improve your writing skill:

If you want to write a good writing you should expand and develop your vocabulary, you must have a great command over active vocabulary, you should have a good knowledge of spelling so that you can write each and every word correctly. You also have to read regularly and your skill in grammar. Think that writing is your own job and practise writing on regular basis. You should try writing small and simple sentences with new and latest words. You should have proper  and clear idea how to use the word in a sentence. Read newspapers regularly. When you will be acquainted with a new word, write it down in your exercise book. Then know the meaning of that particular word and all forms of parts of speech consulting a good dictionary.

Read as much as you can. Reading will help you get a lot of ideas of expression and also you will be acquainted with many styles and manners of writings. It is a very well-known fact that a good writer is very good reader. By reading you will acquire knowledge about syntax, style of writing and the structure format of different sentences. So,the more you read, the more attractive your writing will be.

You should have the basic knowledge and understanding about basic principles of writing a content.

Write a report on “Amritsar Train Accident”.

Amritsar, 20th Oct: A terrible train accident took place in Amritsar yesterday. The accident claimed the lives of about 61 people and caused many people injured. The devastative accident occurred when on 19.10.2018,(Friday), about 6000 people assembled at Dhobi Ghat ground, nearly 2 km away from Amritsar station, at around 6 p. m , to celebrate and enjoy a Ravana effigy burnt at Dussehra. They were standing on the tracks near a railway crossing and taking videos of the burning Ravana. Suddenly, in a flash, two speeding trains in opposite directions rushed towards them and smashed them. Those who managed to escape the first train (74643 Jalandhar – Amritsar DMU) from the first track, stepped on to second track. But within seconds, the second speeding train (13006 Amritsar – Howrah Express) mowed them down. What a mishap! There was a great roar of crying and screaming among the relatives and friends of the dead and the injured. Many were searching for the missing ones in the darkness of night. The angry mob raised their voice against Railway Department, the Government and police. Cancelling the Israel trip, the Chief Minister of Punjab Amarinder Singh ordered a magisterial investigation of the accident. The local people and rescue teams immediately stretched their hands to rescue the victims. The state government announced an ex-gratia of Rs. 5/- lakh to the relatives of the dead. Offices and educational institutions remained shut. The President of India Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi condoled the loss of the innocent lives. (250 words)

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