A Letter to a Friend about Your Plans after Your Higher Secondary Examination.

A Letter to a Friend about Your Plans after Your Higher Secondary Examination.




My dear Akash,

 My Higher Secondary Examination is just over. So I have some plans to enjoy these days after my HS Exam. I am going to inform you about my plans.

 For about three months from now on, I shall have no serious occupation. I had to work very hard for the last few months for the preparation for my examination. Right now I am having continuous leisure. The typical tension having melted away, I feel relaxed, but at the same time I have a feeling of being uprooted; uprooted from my accustomed daily life of studies and homework and school and coaching. What more, I feel a bit bored right now. That is why I am very seriously thinking of going to our native village, a place far away from Kolkata. My grandfather and grandmother are there. It is a small village, but very rich in scenic beauty. Away from my familiar hectic life in Kolkata, I am sure I can have a taste of real rest amidst the bounties of nature. I shall daily enjoy twelve hours, of peaceful sleep, never to be disturbed by the rustle and bustle of the city. I shall chat with my cousins and play Ludo or Karrom or even hide and seek with them. The noon will see us swimming for an hour in the cool pool adjacent to our home. The afternoon will be spent in reading interesting books, and the evening will find me jogging on the bank of the village stream. There I may learn angling or rowing even from my cousins. When the night sets in, I shall be reaching out to the children Sukumar Roy’s poems to Rabindranath’s Kotha-O-Kahini and water of the spring of simple unmixed Joy of life.

  Do you approve of my plan?

 With love,


Akash Ghosh

C/O – Bikash Ghosh

Kolkata 7000001

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