A Clever Crow. Story Writing. Write a story on “A Clever Crow”.

Write a story about “A Clever Crow”.

A Clever Crow

It was a hot day. A crow was thirsty. He flew here and there. He found water nowhere. All ponds and ditches were dry.

At last, he found a pitcher under a tree. There was a little water at its bottom. But it was beyond his reach. He pushed the pitcher. It did not move. He pulled the pitcher. It did not tilt. He was almost helpless.

Suddenly he saw some pebbles nearby. He dropped them one by one into the pitcher. The water rose high.

The crow drank to his fill. He cawed joyfully and flew away happily.
Moral: Where there is a will, there is a way.

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Pronunciation and Meaning.

clever (চালাক), thirsty (তৃষ্ণার্ত), flew away (উড়ে গেল), found (খুঁজে পেল‌ বা দেখতে পেল), nowhere (কোথাও নয়), ponds (পুকুরগুলি), ditches (গর্তগুলি), dry (শুকনো), at last (অবশেষে), pitcher (কলসি), bottom (তলদেশ), beyond his reach (তার নাগালের বাইরে), pushed (ঠিলে দিল), move (নড়াচড়া করা), pulled (টান দিল), tilt (), almost (প্রায়), helpless (অসহায়), Suddenly (হঠাৎ), pebbles (নুড়ি), dropped (ফেলে দিল), one by one (একটি একটি করে),ষ, to his fill (তৃপ্তি ভরে), cawed (কা কা করে ডাকলো), merrily (আনন্দের সঙ্গে), happily (সুখে)

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