Write a story of a brave boy. A Very Beautiful Story.

Write a story of a brave boy:

Title of the story : A Brave Boy

One day a boy hit upon a plan to steal a jackfruit from school orchard. He informed his idea to his dearest friends.

So, the student along with his friends were stealing a jackfruit from his school garden.

They all ate the jackfruit dividing it among themselves.

The next day, the teacher asked the students,” who stole the jackfruit?”

No student answered in fear.

But one of the students replied bravely, ” I have stolen.”

Noticing the bravery of the student the teacher smiled and said,” Do not steal any more.”

Next year the teacher himself fed jackfruit to all of the students.

This brave boy was Jyotindranath Mukhopadhyay who is familiar as ‘Baghajatin’.

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