Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper about Reckless Driving – A very important letter writing for Madhyamik and HS Students 2020.

Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper about Reckless Driving of the drivers of buses and mini buses.


The Editor

The Statesman

Kolkata – 700001

Subject: Reckless Driving.


Through the columns of your esteemed daily I would like to ventilate my opinion about the dangers of reckless driving.

Now-a-days, even a mother does not know whether her son or daughter will come back home from school or college. Of late reckless driving by the drivers of buses and minibuses has considerably increased. These days, the increase in number of road accidents compels me to write this letter. As a result, every now and then, accidents are on the increase. Every day in newspaper headlines we read the news of accidents. Drivers have no respect for traffic rules. In most cases, road accidents take place on account of rush driving.

Overtaking is another malady with them. Overtaking is the main cause for accidents. There are traffic police to bring the drivers at fault at book. But everybody knows that reckless driving takes place just before the nose of the traffic police. There is an unholy alliance between the traffic police and the erring bus driver. Are we not responsible for these accidents to some extent? People driving bikes do not care to use helmets. Drivers drive cars and two-wheelers at a random speed. Most of them violate traffic rules.

I, therefore, draw the attention of the people to abide by the traffic rules and the concerning authority to take drastic action  for such punishment. Always remember that safe drive saves life.

Yours faithfully,

Dated: 06.08.2019                                                                                                                                          Siam Jain


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