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A dog got a piece of meat-began to cross a narrow bridge-saw his own reflection thought that there was another dog with a piece of meat-barked angrily-lost his own meat.



Once in a small town a dog took a piece of meat from a stall in the market. He got tempted to take that away. He carried that piece of meat in his mouth and began to run away. He hoped for a nice meal in a lonely spot. Very soon the dog came near a stream. There was a narrow bridge over the stream. The dog began to cross the bridge. He chanced to look down into the river. What did he see thereon? He saw on the calm water below his own reflection. But the dog could not understand that it was his own image. He thought that there was another dog with another piece of meat. He was very greedy. He longed for the other piece, too, and wanted to snatch it away. He must have that at any cost. The dog barked angrily to get it.

Alas! his own meat fell into the river below and disappeared. He stared foolishly at his own image. He was a fool and greedy, too, and lost his own piece of meat for his greediness. His greed only led him to utter disappointment.

Moral: Greed brings disappointment,

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