Students Raise a Relief Fund – A Report, Very Important for WB HS Examination – 2019

School Students Raise a Relief Fund

By a Staff Reporter

Hooghly, August 20: The students of XYZ School have raised a relief fund to extend their helping hands to the victims of Jammu and Kashmir flood.

The school authority fixed a particular time of two weeks to make the fund collection. All the students of the school were told that they should donate both in cash and kind as much as they could. They also tried to collect fund from outsider taking permission from the authority. Common people also came forward to participate in this noble mission. Thus the students collected money amounting Rs.300000 and medicines and clothes.

The collected cash and other materials were sent to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund to send to Jammu and Kashmir. This noble mission of the students made the glory of the school brighter.

A Train Robbery

Durgapur, June 5: A daring train robbery took place in Shipra Express near Durgapur station at about 10 am yesterday. According to the report of an eye witness, five robbers whose age was most probably between 22 and 30 got in the train as ordinary passengers. They took out their fireguns and pipeguns just before entering the Durgapur station.  They put their guns on the head of some passengers and threatened with dire consequences if anybody tried to raise a voice or took other means. They forcibly took away mobiles,  purses, watches, cash and ornaments from the passengers.  After the operation was successful,  they jumped off the running train. An enquiry team has been made to investigate the incident,  but not a single robber has yet been arrested so far.

A Terrible Plane Crash

Johannesburg , Nov 29: A South African Airways Jumbo Jet was carrying 159 passengers yesterday.  But yesterday it crashed into the Indian Ocean near Mauritius after the crew of the plane reported smoke on the Board.  The South African Transport Minister said that all aboard were apprehended to be dead. Another South African Airways plane was sent to rescue the officials to the island radioed that wreckage was spotted out. It was also reported that there was no sign of any survival. An air controller told that the debris was sighted in the late afternoon about 280 km from Mauritius. Rescue boats were not to reach the spot for hours.

Fire Destroyed 3000 Garment Stalls

Howrah, Nov 22 : A devastating fire destroyed a part of the Mongla Hat which is known as Memani Hat in the district of Howrah on early morning of Saturday . Over 3000 garment stalls were completely destroyed by the fire. About Rs.100 crore were deduced to ashes. 27 fire engines controlled the fire after nearly six hours . No stall could be saved frim the grasp of fire. People alleged that a well planned conspiracy was behind the fire at evicting the stall owners.

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