Selfie Accident – A Report Writing for Madhyamik and HS Students of West Bengal

Write a report on a Selfie Accident.

Points: Date, place-description of the incident.

Selfie claims young lives

Reported by Arka Rijan

Kolkata, 22nd September 2019: A young man of 20 was knocked down by the Kalyani Express Kalyani Station yesterday when that young man was taking selfie on the rail track. The unfortunate victim was originally an inhabitant of Howrah. He was a student of Polytechnic College. His name was Mohan. He came to stay with his father living in Kalyani and working as a security man of a Private Hotel group. On the day of accident Mohan took his Bath in the Ganges, accompanied by a friend, Sovan.

On the way to the Ganges, Sovan emphasized Mohan to pick up a Selfie. Mohan was not willing. But Sovan continuously pressed him. So both of them came down on the rail track. Mohan was taking the selfie. At that very time the Express train came running and the accident took place. Mohan was thrown away. Both of them died immediately.It was reported that the victims could no hear the sound of the train during to the neckless sound of the mike and crackers on the day of festival. Anyway, they were at once taken to Kalyani Hospital. But the doctors declared them dead. The accident once again proves that anti-selfie campaign still yields no result till now. So all of us must be careful.

Write a report on the 200th Birth Anniversary of Pandit Iswarchandra Vidyasagar in your school.

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