Preparation of Mixed Salad || Process Writing.

Study the following process of preparing a “mixed salad” and write a paragraph on how mixed salad is prepared.

Chart: Peeling and slicing cucumber – slicing onions – cutting tomatoes – chopping mint or coriander leaves – mincng chillies – squeezing out the juice of a lemon – sprinkling salt and pepper – adding salad oil – tossing the salad.



The preparation of mixed salad involves various stages. First, a few cucumbers are properly peeled and sliced and they are kept in a pot. Then a few onions are sliced and tomatoes are cut into small pieces. They are kept in the same pot. Next mint or coriander leaves are chopped and green chillies minced and put into the pot. Then the juice is squeezed
out of a lemon and it is added to the ingredients. Now salt and pepper are sprinkled on them and some salad oil is added. At last, the mixture is stired well and the mixed salad is made ready to be served.

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