Nirmal Vidyalaya Abhiyan at your school – A Report Writing

Write a report on the celebration of Nirrnal Vidyalaya Abhiyan at your school.  (2+8-10)

Nirmal Vidyalaya Abhiyan at XYZ High School.

XYZ, 16th July: Our school observed Nirmal Vidyalaya Abhiyan week from 7th to 12th July in XYZ High School. In this programme we, the students of our school, got to know many healthy habits. Safe drinking water is very essential for us. This programme brought all the students, teachers and guardians under one roof. Many
students took active part in the seminars on Sanitary Survey, disposal of waste materials, creation of good habits. We learnt many important things. Various specific activities were performed each day. Our respected teachers also delivered valuable speeches on various subjects.

Our school arranged campaign, walks, cultural programmes. The school authority arranged Sit and Draw competition, Essay Writing competition and many more. On the final day, July 12, all the students and teachers organised drama on Healthy Habits. Everyday, before and after taking mid-day meal students cleaned their hands with soaps. After that we cleaned our plates. We, the Students also used brooms and buckets to clean our school. This programme created an enormous enthusiasm among the students. So everyday was a new adventure to us. We all enjoyed a lot and learnt many good things through the lectures and seminars. Thus the entire programme created a strong feeling among the students, teachers and guardians.

Here we have uploaded a report writing on Nirrnal Vidyalaya Abhiyan at your school. This is very important for Madhyamik and Higher Secondary Examination 2020.

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