Mobile phone – Abuses and its bad impact : A Paragraph Writing for Madhyamik and HS Students, West Bengal.

Mobile phone – Abuses and bad impact – A Paragraph Writing.

Nothing is unmixed blessing. So, it is same with mobile phone also. No doubt, mobile phone is revolution in the world. But, it has bad effects also. By playing games and listening to music always in a mobile,  a student may play ducks and drakes with his studies. Talking over mobile phone for a long time may damage brain cells. It can cause hearing disability.

Today, criminals and terrorists easily use mobile phones to meet their evil purpose. Teenagers and children are getting more addicted to mobile phone. It is very harmful to their mental growth and health. So, mobile phones must be used with discretion. Students should not use mobile phones in schools. Not only that, but also talking over mobile phones during driving causes fatal accidents. Nowadays it is a fashion to take selfie. During taking selfie accidents take place. It is real that some people get injured by mobile burst. When mobile phone is getting charged, it becomes too hot and sometimes get burst. None should talk over mobile phone during charging.

The end of Mobile phone – Abuses

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