Madhyamik English Grammar – Narration Change for Class X (10th Level) Students, West Bengal.

Madhyamik English Grammar

1. He said to his parents, “Let me play cricket.”
Ans: He requested his parents to allow him to play cricket.

2. Swami said, “I have a headache.”
Ans: Swami said that he had a headache.

3. My father said to me, “Do not neglect your studies.”
Ans: My father ordered me not to neglect my studies.

4. The girl said to her mother, “Please tell me a story.”
Ans: The girl requested her mother to to tell her a story.

5. The traveller said, “Is there anybody there?”
Ans: The traveller asked if there was anybody there.

6. The teacher said to the boys, “Don’t make any noise.”
Ans: The teacher ordered the boys not to make any noise.

7. Father said, “Do you want to know what became of your kite?”
Ans: Father asked if I wanted to know what had become of our kite.

8. The tourist said, “What a beautiful sight!”
Ans: The tourist explained in wonder that the site was very beautiful.

9. The man said, “Pease give me a glass of water.”
Ans: The man requested to give him a glass of water.

10. The giant said, “What a marvelous site it is!”
Ans: The giant explained in wonder that the site was very beautiful.

11. The man said to the girl,” do you know the way to the station?”
Ans: The man asked the girl if she knew the way to the station.

12. The girl said to me, “Will you accompany me?”
Ans: The girl asked me if I would accompany her.

13. He said to me, “What are you doing?”
Ans: He asked me what I was doing.

14. My sister said to me, “Will you not go to the show?”
Ans: My sister asked me if I would not go to the show.

15. The boy said to me, “Which book do you want?”
Ans: The boy asked me which book I wanted.

16. Arya said to his brother, “Are you weeping?”
Ans: Arya asked his brother if he (his brother) was weeping.

17. The teacher said to the boy, “You have forgotten the lesson.”
Ans: The teacher told the boy that he (the boy) had forgotten the lesson.

18. The leader said, “I am happy to be here today.”
Ans: The leader said that he was happy to be there that day.

19. The girl said, “I will do the sum now.”
Ans: The girl said that she would do the sum then.

20. She said, “We must go.”
Ans: She said that they must go.

21. The boy said to his friend, “I shall come back in time.”
Ans:  The boy told his friend that he (the boy) would come back in time.

22. The teacher said, “Man is mortal.” (Madhyamik 2007)
Ans: The teacher said that man is mortal.

23. The giant said to the children, “What are you doing here?”
Ans: The giant asked the children what they were doing there.

24. The old beggar said to me, “May God bless you.”
Ans: The old beggar prayed that God might bless me.

25. The teacher said to the students, “Do not make a noise.”
Ans: The teacher ordered the students not to make a noise.

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