Load-shedding – A Paragraph Writing

Load-shedding -a paragraph writing for class 10 students. Also very important for all competitive exams and class examinations. If you want to score a very good result, prepare this writing right now.

Question: Write a paragraph on load shedding.

Paragraph on Load-shedding
Load-shedding – A Paragraph Writing


Load-shedding: A Paragraph Writing

Nowadays load-shedding is really a daily occurrence in cities and suburban areas. Each and every area is greatly affected by load shedding. Hospitals, factories, cinema houses are all greatly affected. The industrial units are stopped due to regular load-shedding. Production in factories is stopped due to load-shedding. All emergency operations and other activities are hampered in hospitals for load shedding. Students cannot continue their studies for load-shedding and sit idly in darkness. Before the examination, they are greatly affected. They curse the authorities for load shedding as they cannot take proper preparation for their examination. Especially in villages, the frequency of load setting is too high during summer. Due to frequent load shedding cultivation is also hampered. People suffer a lot. No doubt, load-shedding is a great problem in our country. It is not desirable to continue in such a way. Actually due to load shedding the total country is forced to stop all activities. In this computerized age, all activities are stopped and the country faces a great loss. So, the government should overcome the problem as soon as possible.

Write a letter to the Sub-divisional Police Officer complaining about the inconvenience caused by the frequent use of loudspeakers in your locality.

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