Kerala Flood 2018 – A Report Writing for Madhyamik & HS Students. Published on 1.9.19

Kerala Flood 2018

Kerala Flood 2018:

This year Kerala, the South Indian State, saw the greatest natural calamity in the month of July. The unexpected heavy and high rainfall caused such calamity in Kerala in monsoon season. This destructive flood broke all the records of nearly a century. This flood really battered Kerala. The gushing water swept away the compound walls of huge buildings. The situation turned very critical. The gigantic power of water battered Kerala. Most of the dams were opened due to the high rising of water level. The continual rainfall flooded the low – areas. The situation was monitored by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Due to heavy rainfall many hilly districts became isolated.

About 257% more than normal rainfall flooded Kerala very badly in the evening of August 8, 2018. In the first 24 hours the amount of rainfall was 310 mm. The Kerala government also told that the unexpected and sudden release of water from Mullaperiyar Dam was another cause of the flood, though the Tamil Nadu Government rejected this argument. None can deny that it is the result of climate change. Latest research shows that the increasing temperature leads to fluctuations in monsoon winds which carry moisture from the Arabian Sea and shed heavy rains in Central India.

Due to intense flood a red alert has been placed in Kerala. Many people became homeless. Many died. It was reported that 33,000 people were rescued. The government opened more than 3274 relief camps. Many people took shelter there. The gigantic flood destroyed many villages, roads, homes. Even airport service reminded suspended till 29th August. Schools remained closed and from some districts due to excessive flood.

In this disaster there engaged massive rescue and relief operations. The Central Government helped with defence service. The fishermen from all over the state engaged voluntarily in rescue operation to save the flood victims. According to the government’s report, nearly 4537 fishermen community engaged themselves with 669 fishing boats in the rescue operation. They rescued 65000 victims from various parts of the state. Many cattle, buffaloes, calves, goats, dogs died in this calamity.

Many other states helped the victimised state with donation. Even the Kerala Government launched a website for donations. Prime minister Narendra Modi announced an amount of 500 crore for the affected state. Many famous persons donated. NGOs and NPOs olso raised funds for the flood victims. Even other countries showed their humanitarian assistance to the flood affected state. The Indian cricket team also planned to donate match fees for Kerala flood victims.

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