Information about a book left out in a Store

Information about a book left out in your Store. A very important English letter writing for the students of class IX of West Bengal. Also important for those students who are going to sit for all types of competitive exams.

Exercise – 6

Question: Suppose you had bought a book from a book store. By mistake, you left it there instead of bringing it back with you. Providing details of the book and its author, write a letter within 100 words to the owner of the store to find out the book and keep it until you come to collect it.



The Manager,

XYZ Book Store,

Arambagh, Hooghly.

Subject: Information about a book left out in your Store.


I would like to bring the following matter to your notice. Yesterday, that is, on 13th May 2022, I visited your book store at around 5:00 p.m. I spent about half an hour there. I also bought some books and duly paid the bill. However, unmindfully, I forgot to bring one of the purchased books with me. As far as I could remember, the book was on the table at the bill desk. It is titled “Shanku Samagra” Satyajit Roy. It was of large volume and a hard-bound edition.

So, I would request you to kindly keep the book in your custody. I will collect it at my earliest convenience. I hope I will be to visit your shop next week. Please keep my book in your custody carefully.

Thanking you,

yours faithfully,

Amta, Howrah.

14th May, 2022

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