Meeting at Night – Important Questions and Answers For Class XI Students WBCHSE West Bengal.

Meeting at Night – Important Questions and Answers. Prepare them and score an excellent result in your final examination. Do not miss these questions.

1. Title of the poem “Meeting at Night:

Ans: The title of Browning’s poem “Meeting at Night” gives a focus on a secret meeting between two passionate lovers. The night meeting indicates a clandestine love. The very title also suggests that a lover has to go through a lot of difficult perils in darkness to meet his beloved or to reach his target. The word ‘night’ is suggestive of hurdles a lover has to undergo. Thus, the title indicates that the lovers are so much in love with each other. According to Browning, a true love demands a great devotion. They work hard to overcome many challenges and restrictions. In ‘Meeting at Night’ Browning expresses his idea that love is something that demands tremendous motivation from the part of a true lover. Thus the very title indicates the whole theme of the poem. Hence the title is very apt.

2. Use of images used in the poem “Meeting at Night”

Ans: The poem “Meeting at Night” by Robert Browning is full of imagery. Every line of the poem centres about an image. The ‘grey sea’, ‘long black land’, ‘the yellow moon’, ‘startled little waves’ are examples  of some visual images. Similarly, excellent is the image of “blue spurt’ of the lighted match. These images take us to world of lovers and make us a part of it. The ‘warm sea-scented beach’ is another beautiful image. It appeals to our sense as well as touch. The lover’s ‘tap’ and ‘scratch’ on the window-pane of his beloved and her whisper spark our sense of hearing. All these images engage our senses and attract our attention. Theses images also convey the feelings of the lovers on love.

3. Describe “Meeting at Night” by Browning as a dramatic romance.

Ans: Browning’s genius was especially dramatic. So his presentation of romance is dramatic. “Meeting at Night” is a beautiful example of dramatic romance. Lover’s suspense, his eagerness to meet the beloved, different parts of nature, the shadowy condition of suspense at the meeting, their beating hearts, blue spurt of the match-all of these create a great dramatic weather to tell the story of night under the cover of night.

Again Browning is special for his power of dissection of soul. So here in this poem, love is presented as much more psychological than physical. Lover’s positive attitude makes his love so pure and daunting  to overcome any kind of hindrance that may come in the path. Browning’s dramatic presentation makes the atmosphere of psychological discussion so beautiful.

How is the sea described in the poem “Meeting at Night” by Robert Browning?

Ans: In the poem meeting at night by Robert Browning, the sea is described as a part of landscape and, symbolically it is the mental condition of the speakers. The sea appears to be grey at night and the pillow of the moon is in the sky. With the movement of the speaker’s boat the waves are as if started and the sea is coming out of sleep all on a sudden. Small fiery ringlets reflected on the surface.

Meeting at Night – Important Questions and Answers – You must prepare these questions for a god result.

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