How to fill up UDISE+ in Banglar Shiksha Portal, West Bengal.

All the schools o f West Bengal are to fill DISE online. When UDISE was written manually there were a lot of mistakes in the written copy. So, to avoid faulty and incorrect UDISE, the Government has taken this initiative. The schools have to fill up UDISE+ with all details online. Once it is online, the probability of mistakes is very little.

The system is under construction. So all facilities are not available in it. Right now you can login to UDISE +. When all other facilities are available, we will give all details. Now, we give here the process how to Sign in to UDISE+.Please follow the steps one by one:


1. Go to Banglarshiksha Portal or e-Portal by clicking

2. Click on the “Click here for UDISE +” button.

3. Give User ID (i.e. UDISE CODE33)

4. Give password (i.e. school@2020)

5. Type Captcha as shown in the box.

6. Then click on “Sign in” button.

Then you will be directed change the old password and to create new password.

7. Give your old Password.

8. Then give your New Password.

9. Then confirm your New Password.

(Keep in mind :

password must be of 8 characters length and you must choose at least 2 combination from the following four options:
a. At least one lowercase letter and at least one uppercase letter.

b. At least one numeric character.

c. One specialcharacter.

d. Length greater than 12.)

10. Then click on “Change” button.

You will be redirected to login page again.

11. Again give your User ID.

12. Give your new password.

13. Type Captcha.

14. Then click on the “Sign in” button.

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