Grammar From Leela’s Friend for Class XI, WBCHSE, West Bengal.

Grammar From Leela’s Friend. Important for Class XI Students of West Bengal.Solved examples of Textual Grammar from “Leela’s Friend” by R.K. Narayan. Prepare an score a very good result.

Grammar from Leela's Friend

Narration Change

Direct Speech: Leela said, “I don’t know.”

Indirect Speech: Leela said that she did not know.

Direct Speech: He said, “Now come with me.”

Indirect Speech: He requested to come with him then.

Direct Speech: “Where is he now?” asked the wife.

Indirect Speech: The wife asked where he was then.

Direct: “Don’t go near him.” The inspector said to Leela.

Indirect: The inspector forbade Leela to go near him.

Direct: “Why did you run away without telling us?” asked Leela’s mother.

Indirect: Leela’s mother asked why he had run away without telling them.

Direct: Leela said, “I won’t sleep unless Sidda comes and tells me stories.”

Indirect: Leela said that she would not sleep unless Sidda went and told her stories.

Direct: “I will have a new chain.” Leela said.

Indirect: Leela said that she would have a new chain.

Q: “Oh, father!” She said, “I like him. Don’t send him away. Let us keep him in our house.”

Ans: She exclaimed in joy and told her father that she liked him. She requested him not to send him away and proposed that they should keep him in their house.

Q: “Sidda, come and play!” Leela would cry.

Ans: Leela would cry calling Sidda to come and play.

Q: And then she said, “Now throw the ball into the sky.”

Ans: And then she told him to throw the ball into the sky.

Q: The inspector said to the constable, “Take him to the station.”

Ans: The inspector ordered the constable to take him to the station.

Q: Bah! What a rough fellow he must be!” said his wife with a shiver.

Ans: His wife exclaimed in wonder that he must be a very rough fellow.

Q: “How did it get into the tamarind pot? Mother said.

Ans: Mother asked how it had got into the tamarind pot.

Q: “Did you put it in?” asked mother.

Ans: Mother asked if she had put it in.

Voice Change

Question: Can’t you tell the story of the elephant? (Change the voice)

Ans: Cannot the story of the elephant be told by you?

Question: Leela’s mother picked up the chain. (Change the voice)

Ans: The chain was picked up by Leela’s mother.

Question: The police know his haunts. (Change the voice)

Ans: His haunts are known to the police.

Question: Why didn’t you say so before?

Ans: Why was that not said by you before?

Question: Have you done it?

Ans: Has it been done by you?

Question: He told incomparable stories of animals in the jungle.

Ans: Incomparable stories of animals in the jungle were told by him.

Transformation of Sentence

Question: Her mother gave her a slap. (Use the verb form of ‘slap’)

Ans: her mother slapped her.

Question: He sat down on the floor near the bed and told incomparable stories (Make a simple sentence)

Ans: Sitting down on the floor near the bed, he told incomparable stories.

Question: He stopped near the well and pointed up. (Change into a simple sentence)

Ans: Stopping near the well, he pointed up.

Question: It was unmistakably Leela’s chain. (Turn into a compound sentence)

Ans: It was Leela’s chain and there is no mistake about it.

Question: Leela’s face became red. (Use the verb form of ‘red’)

Ans: Leela’s face was reddened.

Question: It seems he is an old criminal. (Use the adverb form of ‘seems’)

Ans: He is seemingly an old criminal.

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