Full Form of Abbreviations: Very Important For Competitive Exams.

Full Form of Some Important Abbreviations:

AAAA – Asian Amateur Athletics Association.
ABC – Audit Bureau of Circulation
AC – Alternating Current.
AASU – All Assam Students Union.
ACP – African Caribbean Pacific.
ADF – Asian Development Fund.
ASEAN – Association of South East Nations.
APPU – Asia and Pacific Postal Union.
APPLE – African Passenger Payload Experiment.
ARC – Administrative Reforms Commission.
AIR – All India Radio.
ACU – Asian Currency Union.
AITUC – All Indian Trade Union Congress.

AAFI – Amateur Athletics Federation of India.
AICC – All India Congress Committee.
AIDS – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.
AF – Audio Frequency.
BARC – Bharat Atomic Research Centre.
BCCI – Board of Control for Cricket in India.
BBC – British Broadcasting Corporation.
BCL – Bachelor of Civil Law.
BP – Blood Pressure.
BSNL – Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited.
BCC – Bharat Chamber of Commerce.
BA – British Airways.
BOAC – British Overseas Airways Corporation.

BHEL – Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited.
CAG – Comptroller and Auditor General.
CIS – Commonwealth of Independent States.
CGF – Commonwealth Games Federation.
CAT – Career Aptitude Test.
CSO – Central Statistical Organisation.
CID – Criminal Investigation Department.
CII – Confederation of Indian Industry.

CTBT – Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.
CVC – Central Vigilance Commission.
CFSL – Central Forensic Science Laboratory.
CSIO – Central scientific Instrument Organisation.
CVR – Cockpit Voice Recorder.

CIET – Central Institute of Educational Technology.
CSIS – Centre for Strategic and International Studies.
CMC – Computer Maintenance Corporation.
CPF – Contributory Provident Fund.
CSIO – Central Scientific Instrument Organisation.

DPI – Director of Public Instruction.
DNA – Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid.
DSB – Digital Satellite Broadcasting.
DFDR – Digital Flight Data Recorder.
DIAS – DOT’s Internet Access Service.
DTP – Desk Top Publishing.
DVC – Damodar Valley Corporation.
DRDO – Defence Research and Development Organisation.
DIGP – Deputy Inspector General of Police.

These are very important Full Form of Abbreviations for your competitive examination. So prepare these right now.

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