Foni – Severe Super Cyclonic Storm Hits Orissa, West Bengal causing a huge damage, casualties, many districts badly affected, rescue operations.

Foni/Fani – the extremely severe super cyclone that hit Orissa, West Bengal. Get details about Foni, its superpower, the destruction caused by Foni, and other updated information.

Foni – The Gigantic Storm

“Foni” – The name of Severe Super Cyclonic storm, hits Orissa, West Bengal on 3rd April 2019. Today at 9.00 am the severe Super Cyclonic storm “FONI” also spelled as “FANI” unleashed the coastal areas of Orissa. This cyclonic storm gathered a speed of 175 km to 205 km per hour. The sea at Puri was roaring and raging. The water of the sea came to roads.The total area bacame electricity isolated. Trees were pulled out. Electric posts fell down. Telephone services were disrupted.  From the very morning the sky was blackened with clouds. Eleven districts of Orissa were greatly affected. Puri, Kendrapara, Jagatsingpur, Kharda were mostly affected.

The situation was very worrying and full of anxiety. The administration was aware beforehand. So they took all sorts of preventative measures. They took the people from the weak shelters to the relief camp. The disaster management teams worked quickly.  In Orissa, 3 persons were reported to be dead. The total situation of Orissa was in utter disorder. This “Foni” caused heavy rainfall in the coastal areas. 223 trains and many planes were cancelled due to such a gigantic storm. The last 43 years have not seen such a devastating extreme severe super cyclone. “Red Alert” was announced in Orissa. Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh were also on high alert. The gigantic “Foni” is supposed to put its claws in West Bengal in the evening of 3rd April.

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