Conjugation of Verbs English Grammar, What is Conjugation of Verbs, Its Usage, Examples and Detailed Discussion

Conjugation of Verbs:

What is Conjugation of Verbs?

In respect of different Tense, Person, Number, Mood, Voice, we change the forms of verbs. Conjugation of verbs refers to that change of the forms of verbs.

According to the change of forms, Verbs are classified into two :

  1. Strong Verbs : We make the Past form of some verbs by changing the vowel within the verb. We call such verbs “Strong Verbs”. ( For Example – Do – Did – Done)
  2. Weak Verbs : The past form and past participle form of some verbs are formed adding -ed, -t, -d. Such verbs are called Weak Verbs. (For Example – Play – Played – Played, Learn – Learnt – Learnt, Hope – Hoped Hoped).

There are six different persons in English:

  1. First Person Singular Number (I)
  2. First Person Plural Number We)
  3. Second Person Singular Number (You)
  4. Second Person Plural Number (You)
  5. Third Person Singular Number (He/She/It)
  6. Third Person Plural Number (They)

We do Conjugation of Verbs for each person.

We also conjugate verbs according to Tense. For Example-

Play (Present Tense) – Played (Past Tense) – Will Play ( Future Tense)

We also use Verb Conjugation in Singular Number and Plural Number.

When, in Present Indefinite Tense, the Subject of a Sentence is Third Person Singular Number (such as he/she/it), we add ‘-s’ to the Verb. (For Example He plays.)

But, when, in Present Indefinite Tense, the Subject of a Sentence is Plural Number, we do not add ‘-s’ to the Verb. (For Example They play.)

We use Conjugation of Verbs also in Voice. According to voices (Active Voice and Passive Voice) verbs are conjugated.

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