Write a letter to your friend describing your Visit to a Fair. Important letter writing for Madhyamik (Class 10th level) Students.

Important Letter Writing: Visit to a Fair

Write a letter to your friend describing your visit to a fair. ( Visit to a Fair : Letter Writing)

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My dear Atanu,

Today I have just returned from my uncle’s house in Burdwan. I have no mental peace until I tell you of what I experienced there. It was really an enjoyable experience.

First of all it is all about a village fair. You know my uncle’s house is in a village in the district of Burdwan. I went to my uncle’s house after the exam is over. There I went to the fair with my cousins Rita and Barun. The fair continued for five days. Certainly the whole area was nicely decorated and illuminated. Moreover there were about 100 stalls of various things. There were circus party, puppet show and magic show. Therefore these were main attractions in the fair.

I saw toys, balloons, dolls and various types of sweetmeats being sold in the fair. I saw many people from adjoining villages coming into the fair in amidst joy and laughter. People of different caste and creed were busy enjoying the fair.

Before this I had never seen such a village fair. What struck me most was that there was no violence or snatching or indecent gestures of the youngsters that we normally see in our town fairs. All pervading peace and amity prevailed there. This struck me so much that I went to the fair everyday. I bought many things including one for you which I am not going to disclose right now.

I felt that such fairs are necessary in our villages also for establishing peace and prosperity. No more today. More when we meet.

with love,

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