Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper about Price Rise of essential commodities.

Write a letter to the Editor of an English newspaper about high Price Rise of essential commodities


The Editor

The Statesman

Kolkata – 700001

Sub – High Price Rise of Essential Commodities


I shall be highly grateful if you kindly allow me to ventilate my concern about the inconveniences caused by the high price rise of essential commodities.

The price of essential commodities are rising by leaps and bounds. This is causing a great deal of trouble to the common people of our country. Now, such price – hike is totally unexpected and this is the gravest problem which our country faces now. The worst affected people are those who live below the poverty line. The main reason for this price-rise is the artificial scarcity of goods made by dishonest businessman. Even now there are many people who somehow earn their livelihoods by hard work throughout the day. Naturally they cannot afford their necessities. Now the price of rice, dahl, potato, onion, oil and other things are very high now. They find it extremely difficult to maintain their family. With continual price-hike of petroleum is another threat.

So, I think the Government should take necessary steps against the hoarders and black marketers to bring down the price-rise of commodities in the market. The sooner, the better.

Yours faithfully,

Amlan Ghosh



The End


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  1. Write an editorial for an English newspaper on the rise in prices of essential
    commodities. Please answer

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