Uttarakhand Disaster – A Paragraph Writing for Madhyamik WBBSE and HS WBCHSE Students, West Bengal.

3. Write a paragraph on Uttarakhand Disaster.


The unprecedented rainfall together with landslides caused the country’s worst natural calamity in recent history. Extreme rains have caused the havoc. The rain started in the early part of July and continued for days leading to the overflowing of lakes like the Gandhi Sarovar and rivers like the Alokananda, Bhagirathi and Mandakini. The heaviest of rainfalls also resulted in killer land-
slides. Moreover, man-made factors have added to the tragedy. The widespread and almost unregulated expansion of huge hydel electric projects in the region, and also indiscriminate construction of roads were the major causes for the large scale destruction and devastation
that Uttarakhand had experienced. The roads were seriously broken and damaged at more than four hundred places leading to massive traftic jams. The floods that soon occurred washed away the vehicles. Thousands of tourists and pilgrims around Badrinath and Kedarnath were swept away by the strong current of flood waters and hotels and lodges were washed away leading to the death of thousands of people.

The relief and rescue operations started on a war-footing. The Indian Air Force, The Indian Army and paramilitary troops evacuated more than one lakh people from the flood-ravaged areas. The entire nation has stood behind the Uttarakhand Government to rebuild the land of gods and goddesses.

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