The Woodcutter and the River God Important for Class X Students, West Bengal.

The Woodcutter and the River God: Important notice writing for class 9 and10 students. Very important notice writing for Madhyamik examination. Preparing and do an excellent result.


Study the following outlines and develop them into a story (within 120 words). Add a title to it:

A woodcutter’s axe falls into a river-becomes very unhappy – the River-God brings him a golden axe, a Silver axe, and a steel axe one after another-the wood-cutter takes his own steel axe-the River-God rewards him with all the three.

The Woodcutter and the River God



One day a woodcutter was cutting wood beside a river. As ill-luck would have it, his axe slipped from his hands and dropped into the river below. The poor wood-cutter became terribly unhappy and started crying bitterly. At this, the River-God felt pity for him. He appeared before him with a golden axe and said, “Is it yours?” The honest wood-cutter replied, “No Sir, it is not mine. Then the god brought a silver axe and said, “Is it yours? He again replied, “No, it’s not mine, Sir.” At last, he brought the steel axe that the wood-cutter had lost and said to him, “Is it yours? Then he gladly answered, “Yes Sir, this is mine. The River-God became pleased at his honesty and gave him all the three axes. Then he disappeared.

Moral: Honesty is richly rewarded.

The Woodcutter and the River God – Story Writing

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