Realization of Importance of School in Lockdown. A Paragraph Writing.

Realisation of Importance of School in Lockdown

Lockdown due to the pandemic situation of covid-19 has left a long-term effect on the minds of the students. Students are the most affected both physically and mentally during the lockdown. Their life has greatly been hampered as they did not get the proper atmosphere for their all-round development. Lockdown due to Covid-19 has choked their life. They could not attend school where they meet their teachers, friends. Even they could not go out of their house. Many students have mentally been going through disorders. The pandemic situation has posed a lot of challenges among students. The students could not meet their friends and relatives. Initially online classes feel better. But in course of time, they faced lots of disadvantages. This radical shift in the process of education seemed rather difficult. Online classes affect the eyes of the students due to long sitting in front of a blue screen. Many students fail to avail laptops, computers, mobiles and the internet. Without any exam, they were given internal marks. It may affect their future life. So, we have greatly felt the lack of schools in lockdown situation.

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